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Hello to you all. I am having a problem with my pc and its really stressful by now. In September I made my new pc ryzen 3600, aorus m b450 motherboard, 16gb ram 2400mhz corsair lpx vengeance and saphirre rx580 8gb. After playing any game (which runs perfectly) I get a blue screen of death with memory management error which takes several reboots to get the pc going. Bios and drivers are fully updated. So far I took it to the retail shop I purchased the parts, the first time they told me my one ram stick was fried used it with one stick the same. Went again they replaced the motherboard returned home the same. I used sfc, scannow for hard drive shows its OK so as the memtest for the one ram stick. I am so frustrated by now and I honestly don't know what to do. All other programs and benchmarks run without any problem only crashes after gaming. I am really sry for the length of the post and ty in advance for anyone who gives an opinion.


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Type event viewer in the search box and look through it for red exclamation flags. Since little is known it is hard to say exactly where to look.

Also type reliability history in the search box and look for red mark events.

And it might help to run the memory diagnostic. Just type memory diagnostic in the search box.
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Did that and got 3 red flags. One was about a corsair audio driver, the second about an ssl protocol that failed and the third about a com error something can't see right now I am in the middle of a memtest. As soon as it is finished will check to be more specific about flags


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I know it is and old post but maybe this would help someone else:
I always have errors in event viewer, even when my PC doesnt crash.
I owned one PC with the same parts for years. Often they mean nothing.
But one thing I noticed watching my PC for a long time was that Windows can be more or less stable from one update to the next update.
And it doesnt mean you shouldnt Stress test CPU GPU and Ram, go for it. But in my case I did every bit of testing possible with apps with no result.
And then some time later these crashes went down to very rare. Also, one good thing would be to uninstall all but few apps or games you use all the time.
I fixed one annoying problem this way recently.