PC doesnt post with only one stick of ram in it


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I have a mini- itx motherboard with 2 8gb sticks of 3200mhz ram in it. I also have a server that I am trying to run, and I need an extra 8gb of ram for it until my friend gets some (we are splitting the bill for the project because we are sharing the server.) The other day, I turned off and unplugged the stick of RAM furthest from the CPU. The mobo only has 2 slots, so I figured the 1st slot should be the one that stays. I ran it with a single 8gb stick for a while in the first slot (biggest mistake of my life never run single channel memory for an extended period of time like I did.) It was an 8gb stick from Corsair. When I decided to get new RAM, I got a whole new kit because finding a matching one was too hard, and I gave the RAM to my friend. I really need that second stick of RAM for the server now, but I have to take out my CPU cooler to get my second stick of ram. Does my pc just not run because this type of RAM is in a kit and is supposed to be run dual channel? Or will it work if I take out the RAM from the separate socket closer to the CPU?