PC Freezes when playing games, music or most other things!!!

By elissakat ยท 5 replies
Dec 16, 2005
  1. HI all. I am new to this so please excuse any errors. I have a P4 3gig, 1gig ram, 256 graphics (or is it 512? Can't remember), 180 gig hard drive pc that I had custom built for me just over a year ago. Since I had it, I have had loads of problems with it. Most have been sorted out by the shop that built it for me (I have had to take it back 6 times in the past year) but this problem persists. Whenever I play a game (be it Rome Total War, Football Manager 2006 or Doom 3!), listen to music on WMP or iTunes, stay on net for a prolonged period of time, look at pictures or movies, then it freezes. I hear a couple of 'beeps' then it freezes. If I press reset, the PC just makes a long beep noise so I need to switch the power off from the back. This happens regularly.

    The last time I returned it they appeared to have fixed the problem. They said that it was a heat sink problem. Got it back from the shop and it appeared to be working perfectly, better than it has before. But low and behold, it problem has returned. My 1 year warranty has now ran out and I would like to attempt to fix it myself before going somewhere else and having to pay for it to be fixed. Does/has anyone here have/had the same problem and how did they fix it? Any help you give will be greatfully received.
  2. doomsweek

    doomsweek TS Rookie Posts: 39

    Maybe a heat problem. What's the temperature of the processor?
  3. elissakat

    elissakat TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Hi. I checked on the BIOS screen at start up and these of the temperatures on it:

    Current System Tempertaute: 37c
    Current CPU Temperature: 44c
  4. doomsweek

    doomsweek TS Rookie Posts: 39

    Uhm, the temperatures seem normal. How about your power supply? Is it giving enough juice for your system? What's the wattage of your power supply? Search for "power supply calculator" @ http://www.google.com
  5. elissakat

    elissakat TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Sorry i'm new to this. Can't figure them out! Not sure what specific system i have got. Froze three times last night while trying to burn a vcd. Have you any other advice that I could use?
  6. Kev_Boy

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    Just open your case, you should be able to read it off the power supply's side.
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