Audio PC needs some new parts (Graphics and sound)


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So, I built a PC years ago and kept a few things from my old unit.
Sound and video card.
Sound card didn't work with the new system so I'm running it onboard. Sounds okay, but I'd like to update it!
Video card is beyond old. Just picked up SimCity for 10 bucks and it looks like crap. Has to play on low settings.

Here's what I have:
Core i7 950 running at 3.07
6MB Ram (thinking of going to 8 here)
64bit OS Windows 7 home premium

ATI Radeon 5450. (NOT HD) I've looked for the card online and can't even find a picture of it.

What should I be looking for in terms of a video card to last me for years to come?
Santa left me a nice check for Xmas so money isn't really an issue!

Here's a pic of the PC (graphics card is taken out from the missing PCIe slot)


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Wow. Bestselling card on Amazon is $359.99
I wasn't thinking of spending more than $200...I don't game that much and just want a much-needed upgrade!


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One last thing...the card is old as I said before, so I'm currently running my smaller monitor from VGA and my bigger one from DVI.
Thinking it's time to switch to DVI and HDMI?
Thanks for any help!