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PC power problem

By keeps21
Nov 28, 2005
  1. PC worked fine, I went downstairs came back upstairs and it had switched itself off.

    I turned it back on, it couldn't see the hard drive (never had this problem) Since the the pc didn't detect the HD on startup the OS couldn't start.

    I put my Knoppix (live)cd in the cd drive and booted to knoppix.
    Again, the HD wasn't be detected.
    The pc then began to act a bit strange. the mouse would freeze for a few seconds and then be fine, this happened approximately every 10-15 seconds.
    I shut down the PC.

    Later on... I tried booting up the PC, this time none of the storage devices were detected, (CD,DVD, HD, floppy)

    I swtiched off the computer... and since then it won't start up.

    I have an ATX PSU, the type which also powers your monitor.
    The monitor is still getting power from the PSU.

    However the rest of the system isn't being powered up.

    I have checked all of the connections. Including each device individually and powering up (without success) to check for 'shorts'

    I presume this must mean that my M/B has died.

    I just want to confirm this before spending my money on a new M/B
  2. zephead

    zephead TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,569

    i'd say the two most likely causes are the PSU and the mobo.
    almost every AT power supply has a secondary hookup for the monitor, but ATX supplies with this feature are few and far between. you should check your system over and givs as much info on it's parts as you can.

    remember that AT psus have a hard power switch connected directly to the power supply by 4 thick wires, and has a two peice motherboard hookup (each connector has 6 wires going to it). ATX psus use a 20 or 24 pin rectangular motherboard power hookup and the power switch is connected to the motherboard.

    is this machine an OEM build (mass produces, ie dell compaq sony gateway...)?
  3. gemmi_2481

    gemmi_2481 TS Rookie

    yeh sounds like mobo... check your psu aswell tho... a fluctuating psu can fry your board..

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