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By shockwave
Nov 19, 2010
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  1. Hi Guys,

    I am having problems with my newly built machine.

    Here's what happened:

    I was watching a movie on 360 while my PC was running next to it, all fine. By the time I finished watching the film, I noticed the monitor was in stand by but the computer was still running. Usually it goes to sleep mode after such long inactivity. Nevermind, I thought some process must be blocking it from hibernating. So I moved my mouse to turn the monitor on, tried pressing keyboard keys, but my monitor didn't wake up.

    So I hard reset my PC, that didn't work either. I turned it on and off, to no avail. The monitor still stayed in stand by mode. I tried switching the DVI cable with VGA cable, but that also did not work. I removed and re-inserted the Power cable from the back and tried turning on, it didn't work. Instead, after doing this, the computer started restarting. I mean, I would just press the power on button, it would turn on, and off, and so on, without booting into BIOS of course. This problem became really apparent and no matter what I tried, the computer just kept restarting. (it just stayed on for a few seconds, then reboot).

    I tried changing to a different GFX card, but that didn't work either. Problem right now was that the PC wasn't booting properly.

    Like I said, this was a newly built system, so fortunately I still had my old setup with me. So I decided to test it.

    To make sure, it wasn't the Mobo or the CPU, or the Ram, I rebuilt my old machine with a different mobo, cpu and ram. Also put a different GFX card to make sure that wasn't the culprit. After putting everything together, it turned on fine for a few times, but without any display. After a few retries, the restarting problem reoccurred.

    I noticed that only the CPU fan and a 80mm fan was spinning. 2 x 120mm fans were not.

    At this point, I put my money on the PSU to be faulty. Since that's the only component that I was using on both the machines. I wrote off Monitor because I tried two different inputs and it didn't work. Moreover, when I put my PS3 (which is hooked through HDMI) it's working all fine.

    So I was pretty confident that the PSU was the problem. Next day I RMA'd my HX620 and they replaced it with a spanking new HX650 since the former wasn't in stock. (<3 u corsair).

    Today I got the new PSU in hand, and the bloody problem is still there. The PC just keeps restarting, on both machines. :(

    I am completely out of Ideas. Please help me!

    Thanks in advance


    My Config:
    i5 760
    HD5850 & HD4350
    HX620 upgraded to HX650
    XMS 3 DDR3 2 x 2 GB

    2nd Config:
    Q6600 G0
    IP35 Pro
    HD5850 & HD4350
    HX620 upgraded to HX650
    Patriot 2 x 2 GB DDR2
  2. Leeky

    Leeky TS Evangelist Posts: 3,797   +117

    I would suggest you reset your BIOS, using the reset method explained in your user manual.

    My Gigabyte motherboard did a similar thing when I pushed the overclock to far, but it always righted itself and automatically returned to the default settings.

    Reset it once you've built it back up though.

    If that doesnt work, remove everything except the CPU/Cooler/1 stick of RAM, and then try and boot it. If it tries to POST, add one item back each time, and test it and eventually you'll find the problem part.

    were the system fans working at any point during your testing?
  3. shockwave

    shockwave TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 19

    I tried both the methods to reset CMOS. It didn't work. :/

    Tried this. Tried booting without rams too. And no the System fans didn't work ever since the problem started.

    Current status: I just turned the PC on and it turned off by itself. And after like 3-4 seconds it turned back on (by itself) and currently it's still running. But there's still no display. I can see the external HDD lit, the DVD drive is also functioning. The CPU, PSU and GFX card fans are working. (however no system fans are running.)

    And again, no display. :(
  4. Leeky

    Leeky TS Evangelist Posts: 3,797   +117

    Try switching the system fans to a different fan header on the motherboard.

    If its not working still, there must be an issue with the motherboard, somehow.

    Did it beep or anything once it stayed on the 2nd time?

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