PC reboots (BSOD) when becoming active from hibernation

By ushsys
Nov 2, 2008
  1. Hello:

    My Toshiba M55 (3 years old) was working fine until few months back, when the laptop started to reboot when becoming active from hibernation. And noticed that this happens only when wireless connection is turned on. Sometimes I see the BSOD quickly come and go and I see tcpip.sys error.

    After reading several posts, I have replaced with new RAM, updated all drivers, even disabled internal wireless card (Inter Pro) and got a USB wireless adapter. Still the same problem.

    Please help. I have even reinstalled the OS couple of days back. Hence have only 2 mini dump files so far (attached).

    Now the system is running with factory defaults. Havent installed any antivirus, firewall, etc.. System started showing this symptom of rebooting one fine day. Anything I can do to correct this?


  2. ushsys

    ushsys TS Rookie Topic Starter

    System crashed again, and I was able to see the BSOD this time.
    Stop: 0x00000050

    Runnning Windows XP home edition.
    Please note that this is a fresh install with factory defaults
    (with a new RAM (thought RAM had gone bad, but that didnt help either).

    Also, ran the Toshiba Diagnostic Tool test, everything passed, however,
    the MIDI Sound and WAVE Sound test failed since the sound heard
    from the speakers was garbled whistle sound. Any music I play is all garbled
    too at this point. Could be that a bad sound card is causing these issues?
    However, 'sometimes' a reboot will fix this but only until another BSOD.
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