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By charis_r
May 26, 2008
  1. Hello, to everybody I am new here.

    I posting beacause I have a permanent problem with my AMD PC. It is 3 years old and it has benn a year now that it keeps restarting itself. I searched everything and I managed to gain this information: It stops due to a stop error: stop 0x00000050 (0xE325A7BB, 0,00000000, 0XEC84202E, 0X00000001).
    I googled it and looked for more info but didn't find anyting. I took it to the shop I bought it from but nothing. I should tell you that It restarts and if I continue to use it after the restart it will probably restart again. If I leave it for a while then I have more possibilities it doesn't. That's why I assumed it must be an overheating problem. I took the dust out with a vacum cleaner (I can say there was a lot) but now it keeps restarting every in a while. My case doesn't have a fan. My CPU's fan had a lot of dust too, i pulled out some with a toothpick but i think there is more. Should I take the cooler off clean it and then put it back? Could these continuous restarts be caused only by overheating? Thanks a lot.
  2. Matthew

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    Yes, it very well could be due to overheating. Attempt to free the case of dust and debris to the best of your abilities. You might want to invest in a can of compressed air.
  3. Tmagic650

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    Be aware that if you remove the CPU heatsink, you will have to clean off the old thermal compound and apply new compound to the CPU... From what you have said, this should be done anyway
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