PC running very very very slowly

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Jul 1, 2009
  1. I have done numerous Spybot S&D checks as well as NOD32 scans, and they all come up clean, so i know its not a virus or malware nfection..but my problem is, my cpu usage is always spiking most times at or around 100%. Internet browsing is almost impossible due to slow loading times/freezing etc.. I dont know if its a flash problem or not, but it seems like the pc is running slow in general not just when im on the internet, so im stumped. I tried to eliminate alot of programs in taskmanager got it to around 30 or so process..but it still runs at a snails pace..I have 1.25gb of ram and i have a HP Pavilion zv6000 Its just runing really slugish, and i dont know why, and im sure its not a virus...so what next???
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    1. Try superantispyware free see what that shows..

    2. You could delete system restore files, offline files and (hibernation files if you got a laptop) Run CCleaner to remove junk files and clean the registry. Then Run a program called SmartDefrag from iobit it's free and great program.

    3. If nothing then backup your My docs, history, cookies, desktop icons and burn them to DVD or copy them to USB HDD. Now go into Safe Mode and and take a look of your current profile? If the file is really large then delete your current profile your using. Windows will replace it with fresh profile. Now you'll need to restore all your files. If you use Firewfox you'll need to export and save your bookmarks prior to deleting your profile.

    The profile is located under System Properties then Advanced the User Profiles.
    I would do this first because the otherway would be to blow out Windows then install a fresh copy. In the future always create a backup image of your system so next time you can just restore it with fresh copy.
  3. CalicoNC

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    ok doing it now...ill let u know what happens
  4. Tarom

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    Make sure you have some free space (say 10 - 20 Gb to be on a safe side) on your HDD where the swap file is located (usually C:> ). Also try some other antivirus NOD is by far not the best one + 2 opinions are better then 1. There are quite a few antiviruses available for online scan or try something like Kaspersky in trial mode.

    Just as a quick check, try loading in a safe mode to see if your computer remains slow or not, its out to give you an idea whats happening with your system
  5. CalicoNC

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    Thanks for all the help. I scanned with Superantispyware..found nothing but an adware infection and trackin cookies (basically nothing) cleaned up using CCleaner..but b4 i tried smartdefrag, i figured out why it was moving sluggishly. I downloaded a program called speedfan and found out that my problem was basically an overheating problem (Fan constantly on High)...when the pc temp gets up around 40c something or so, it runs very sluggish..i placed the laptop over an ac vent for a couple of minutes (for experimental purposes) and the temp went down to about 30-35c and it seemed like it got an instance boost of speed. Im pretty sure this is my problem..now i guess i got to figure out whether i should buy a laptop cooler or just open the pc up and clean the fans out manually..Guess i posted this in the wrong section after all..lol thanks everyone for the help
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    Do both!
  7. ikesmasher

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    viruses aren't the ONLY thing that slows down. defragment, disk cleanup, and delete some bigs files can also. end unneccesary tasks in the background.
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