PC shut off, turned back on once, but never again

By sytrex
Nov 19, 2009
  1. my custom build system:
    ADM phenom II X4 processor with stock cooler
    4gb G.Skill DDR2 memory(2 sticks)
    320 Western Digital HD
    LG 22x dvd burner
    GIGABYTE GA-MA790X-UD4P mobo
    Rocketfish 700W PSU
    EVGA 8800GT GPA
    Windows 7 home premium

    All the parts are brand new (except for the 8800GT and the 700W rocketfish PSU which I extracted from my old build) and it has been working fine all along until it shuts off when it was idling(left it on before I went to bed, woke up and PC was off).

    I was able to turn it back on once, the PC worked fine for a week, then shut down again while I was browsing the web. I tried to turn it back on, the lights came on and fan spun for 1~2 seconds then everything shut down again

    Then I wasnt able to boot it at all(no power no fan no light)

    I tried disconnecting/reconnect each part(including the power cord) still no boot.

    Then after couple of tries, I was able to turn it on again... I dont know what did it....

    Couple of days later, PC shut off again and now it wont turn on no matter what I did...

    I tested the PSU by shorting the 24 pin with paper clip, fan spin for a second then stops(the PSU is not plugged into anything) So I thought it might be the motherboard thats defected

    But after I connected the PSU to another PC(the mobo uses 20 pin connector so I used the 24pin>20pin adpator), the light on the mobo came on, but no power(cant boot, and the light at ethernet port was not on) If the PSU was fine, why wouldnt my second PC boot?

    Now I dont know if the problem is the PSU or the mobo?

    My other PSU only has 20pin connector so I cannot test it on my mobo..

    I would like to know if the source of the problem is the mobo or PSU before I buy a replacement.


    I did another test on the power supply with everything plugged in except the 24pin... everything light up and PSU doesnt shut off... Does this mean PSU is working fine? Is it the mobo thats defective or is the PSU not giving enough power? O_O Im so confused
  2. Tmagic650

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    Power supplies are less expensive than motherboards. For this reason, try another power supply first
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