Build a PC PC time incorrect

my pc's clock says 12.37 wifes pc's clock says 12.41 am ( at the same point in time !!)
i double click on the clock......go to internet on update now....error message reads......""an error occurred getting the status of the last synchronization.the rpc server is unavailable."
I do the same on my wifes PC......and it goes through the motions of updating the time etc etc
So....the prob is on my PC only......both PC's are using
Any suggestions?...Please? !!


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Try a different server, sometimes my PCs won't all connect to one of them, but usually they will connect to one.

Also, this probably isn't your case, but if the year is wrong they won't connect either. This will happen if you have a dead/dying CMOS battery and it resets to some weird time, if the year is wrong the time server won't correct that and you'll get an error.


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"Couldn't you replace it with that watch battery which is the same size?"...

CMOS batteries are the same as most watch or remote control batteries, but you need to match the part numbers like CR2025 or CR1220 when you buy a replacement CMOS battery
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G'day folks.....entering this command in the "run" box fixed the problem.

net start W32Time ...... and press enter.

I do have to wonder, however, why the time thingy stopped in the first place..??!!
Thanks for the input.


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To test if the CMOS battery is failing, turn off the computer. Unplug it from the wall socket and wait 20 minutes. Plug the computer back in and start the computer. If the computer has lost time or the date is wrong, or the hit F1 message is displayed, the CMOS battery is bad


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The CMOS batteries are marked with clear numbers that are easily crossed to watch batteries. Be sure to make note of any marked numbers when replacing CMOS computer batteries, don't just depend on your eyes for size matching


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I agree

Yes, this is a good idea, as mentioned before they come in a variety of CR numbers such as CR2032 and a variety of companies, maxell, panasonic and renata, as well as others make the small lithium battery. :)


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I got 5 CR1220's from China off EBay for $1.35. I only needed 2 but hey for the price... What a deal!