PC turning on but no power to anything else

By S1rawberry · 9 replies
Dec 23, 2017
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  1. Few days ago my I was playing some games on my pc when during gaming the Windows Blue error screen popped up and my computer shut off. Now whenever I turn it on, it does it’s starting beep,lights up and fans start but the monitor says HDMI power saving mode and turns off. My mouse and Keyboard don’t even turn on. I’v Reaseatted the the ram sticks and CMOS battery and fully turned it off and on.

    I cant check the specs because I can’t get on my PC( sorry if there is another way to check I just don’t know)
    my PC model is a HP Envy H8 1419 and it has not been changed on the inside at all

    Sorry for the wall of text

    Edit: Mouse has now turned on but keyboard and monitor are still off
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  3. holdum323

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    Hi You could try unplugging the power cord. Then hold the power button down for 20 seconds. Then plug the power cord back in.
    That works some times. Let us know how things go!
    PS would help us to know what Operating System you're running (7, 8. 10
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  4. If it was me I would shut the computer down.
    Then unplug it from the power source. (Wall socket)
    Then press the Power button several times to discharge capacitors.
    Then I would unplug the monitor from the computer & restart the computer & after a few minutes I would attach the monitor back to the computer.
    After reattaching the monitor I would press its power button a few times to see what happened if it did not start automatically upon reattaching it to the computer.
    I would try this with the mouse & keyboard.
    If it did not help I would go back on the forum & hope someone could help me fix it. :)
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    Welcome @DavidBailey Better said(y) then my reply, but similar.:D Team work is good!
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  6. I was still writing my post while you had already posted.
    I'm afraid there may be a hardware issue.
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    Thanks for joining me. I guess we will have to wait for the OP to return and reply further. Some times they never return!
    We gave them our best shot!(y) You are appreciated my friend!
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  8. You may get a window similar to this after plugging a device back in---
    or not---

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  9. S1rawberry

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    Thanks guys for the replies. I’ll try these and let you know how it goes
    I’m running Windows 10 btw
    Hope you enjoyed your holidays.
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  10. S1rawberry

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    Nothing changed sadly however I’m getting a person to come in and check on it in a few days. Seems to be a internal problem with the hardware
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