PC won't power off even if Windows shuts down

By sakhish ยท 29 replies
Nov 2, 2011
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  1. Nazra7

    Nazra7 TS Rookie

    You could always download Windows 7 Manager and try it from inside the program. Optimizer--->system speed-->shutdown

    PS: It failed shutdown after i posted this last night! Got me thinking though, could be a timing issue in the OS vs. BIOS (IRQ)
    anyone tried pullin the CMOS battery?

    Pulled the Nforce drivers and reinstalled from base seemed to bring me back to where i am... does shutdown though .. so far
    Maybe its just easier to buy a decent mobo, Im starting to lean that way!
  2. Midnight74

    Midnight74 TS Rookie

    letting go

    I am currently looking for a mobo this weekend. Looking at a am3+ so if ever i decided to upgrade on a newer cpu, my mobo will be ready. I tried almost everything on this one, all the tweaks you provide but the time spend tweaking and making this thing to work properly is not really worth it. I will just make this a single gpu HTPC. Thank you for your help. Good luck. I am looking forward for a new motherboard soon.
  3. Nazra7

    Nazra7 TS Rookie

    Yea for some reason mine shutsdown now but I dont know what I did. I flushed Nforce drivers and used the nvidia newest ones for 750a. Its tricky to do but it might be the where the problem is. I noticed my razorHid doesnt hang at shutdown either anymore.

    I was hunting mobos too, It would be sweet to go to the newest boards, Gigabyte has a few I was eyeballing. About 159-179$
  4. Midnight74

    Midnight74 TS Rookie

    new motherboard

    Just to let you know that I already pull out my M4N75TD and installed my new Asus M5A99X EVO.

    Install smooth, latest driver. Just nice. No problems so far and i hope it stays that way. Thanks for all the help for trying to make the old board work but i had enough but now I am happy :)

    Now more time on playing than tweaking to make it work properly.....

    Goodluck and hope you get the new board you have your eyes on.
  5. MalRyan1

    MalRyan1 TS Rookie

    hi mate I had the same issue with my computer and it is a nvidia driver issue got the latest beta drivers from nvidia and my comp shut downs fine

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