PC won't turn on after minimum of half hour of gaming.

Hello world of PC users and gamers,

I'm having my (gaming) PC now for over a year, I'm having this problem since around april I think? Anyways, if I am on my computer, whatever I am doing, longer than half an hour and I turn my PC off, it wont turn on. Not even the lights of my PC. Normally for half an hour I need to wait two to three hours to turn it on again, but I don’t want that! I have tried so many things, like changing PSU, other motherboard, other RAM, I checked all the temperatures multiple times and it's not over heating too. I don’t know what to do anymore, what I do now to keep my PC on, is using a YT video like a fireplace of 10 hours on both my monitors (I have 2). Thank you for reading this, I hope there is someone that can help me!

Thanks in advance!

-Finn (Netherlands)


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It sounds like you have some dirty power there and your PSU is going into overcurrent protection mode where they shut off for a while. You might be able to coax it back to life sooner buy unplugging the PSU from the wall for a bit and I bet ya' that it will fire up faster than waiting a few hours.

if that turns out to be the key then you will want a good UPS for this computer.