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Apr 2, 2005
  1. Hi all. I have built my own pc(put the parts together) and I just finished yesterday. Everything was working fine, except that there was some blue screen error about the harddrive, but I could still get into the bios. It said to check the harddrive and hdd controllers, etc. Then, I thought the cause might be the power cable or the ide cable-slave instead of master. So, I tried to pull out the power cable connecting the psu to the hdd, and it was stuck. When I tried to pull it out, it came out, but my hand accidentally hit the cpu hsf and the pc shut off. Now, the computer doesn't turn on and only the led light on the fan blinks and nothing else happens. The psu works fine because I put it in another pc and it works. Also, when the psu is plugged into the outlet, there's a green standby light on the motherboard. My question is-is the cpu dead or what else is going on? I know the cpu didn't overheat, because when I went into bios at first, the temp was 45-50C.

    BTW, this is my new pc: p4 550 3.4 LGA775(prescott) D915PBL mobo, x700(PCIe) card, corsair value select 2*512megs(DDR2), ocz powerstream 520w psu, thermalright xp-120 hsf with arctic silver 5.

    I would appreciate any help. Thx.
  2. zephead

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    NEVER do this with the power on!!

    if you hit the hsf hard enough you probably damaged the board. it's far more likely that the board needs replacement than the cpu.
  3. akhilles

    akhilles TS Rookie Posts: 16

    Agree with zephead. Mobos are very fragile.
  4. shadow_29

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    you could have damaged your cpu and your mobo.you could have shorted out the cpu with static or a spike,both ways its bad you should try to check if either of the mobo or cpu work,zephead might be right and the problem might be mobo.do you get a beep or beeps on post?does the cpu fan spin?

    one more thing that you should try is to check for earthing,sometimes knocking the cpu/mobo might cause it to touch the case at the bottom or the srews might become loose check to see that its not the case here.good luck.
  5. tbrunt3

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    Yes board probbly damaged .. Never unplug anything under load
  6. mclaren911GT

    mclaren911GT TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I get no beep, no screen, NOTHING. Sometimes, the light on the led fan blinks and on the psu, but nothing else. The psu works, tried it in another comp. The cpu fan works. I took everything out, and reseated the cpu, it is not damaged.

    There is, however, a green standby light on the mobo when power is connected, so wouldn't it not be litten if the mobo was damaged?

    The strange thing is that the psu doesn't really turn on and keep running, becuase the lights only blink for a second and nothing else happens, but it works fine in another computer. The fan on the psu looks like it's about to start spinning, but it only makes a slight movement. The cpu fan doesn't start spinning at all.

    I guess it might be the mobo, but really all I hit was the cpu fan and kind of on the side, and nothing else. I was thinking it might be the cpu, but when I took it out, there were no traces of damage, no pins were bent or broken, etc.

    I was also thinking it could be an auto-shutdown protection or something like that on the psu, since it has something like that for voltages.

    I guess the real way to find out would be to test each component seperately, but do these symptoms suggest any other causes?
  7. zephead

    zephead TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,569

    given your post i'd say odds are good it's the mobo. take the computer to a local PC repair shop because they will have the rescources available to isolate the problem by swapping out parts.
  8. james_k1988

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    i think it might possibly (and hopefully, save u sum cash) be that its earthing. I had this problem a few times an trust me, it can drive you insane (*past thought of my wonderful mobo that went crashing into the wall*)

    if it is doing this the only way 2 really tell is take everything out, an sit te mobo on say a pillow or a cushion. then get your PSU and sit it close. (have the cpu and the fan attached to teh mobo as you normally would, so its basically ready to go into teh case if you wanted to) Then attach teh bit from teh psu into teh mobo, plug in the psu and then (this is the fun bit) you need 2 start the mobo. an this may seem hard as theres no power switch connected but its quite simple. get a screw drive an put it in bewtween teh pins that you would put the power switch, hdd light, resetsw,etc. an sit the screwdriver bewtween a few pins. might need to muck around be4 youll get the right one (try an think of the metal of teh screwdriver as a trigger 2 turn ont eh com) IF the fan starts spinning and keeps spinning, and its all seems fine its probably earthing. how to fix this is to put into the case bit by bit, and every so often fire int eh power an make sure its still going.youll either end up building it all together again and be fine, or you might come across a bit o the case thats sticking out or something. Good luck anyways

    p.s. ino i made a squad of spellin mistakes ther, sorry :unch:
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