PCMCIA card wireless connection to wireless router?

By msridharan
Sep 22, 2008
  1. Hello All

    Personal preliminaries: non-tech, microsoft office, webservices.

    After moving to a new country, we purchased a wireless internet connection (the problem started there - we could have gone for a wired solution). It comes out with a PCMCIA card and a software to run it. It connects to my laptop which has a PCMCIA slot. After purchasing a PCMCIA slot adopter for the desktop PC, it can be inserted to my desktop PC also to connect to the internet.

    We have a wireless router (3Com) that we used before to connect our wired broadband connection. In our previous posting, we used to connect all our laptops, PC, and Mac computer, and the printer to the home network.

    Here, though the PCMCIA card connects to laptop and desktop individually, we could not create a home network. The connection doesn't seem to go through the LAN configurations. The LAN wired connections between the laptop and PC show each other but cannot share the internet connection. The new PCMCIA solution won't run on the Mac-Mini because neither the software nor the hardware is compatible. Each time we shift the PCMCIA card to either the laptop or desktop PC to surf. We shift files through USB to print via the desktop PC to which the printer is connected. You know what a pain it is.

    Switching to wired connection plan is not possible currently because of the annual contract we have signed (fine prints!) has a penalizing clause with a couple of hundred dollar penalty.

    Is there a way? We want to use the PCMCIA card wireless connection to get the internet connection. But we want that to be shared through the wireless router that we have.

    Any clarification or guidance would be sincerely appreciated.

  2. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 11,177   +989

    a little obscure;

    I assume you have something like
    and two systems which flip-flop the PCMCIA adapter to get Internet access
    (which means only one at a time can be online). Apparently you want TWO
    PCMCIA cards and the ability to have both systems online and accessing each other.

    q1: Can you connect the WiFi PCMCIA to the router and get online at all.
    Usually we need a wired connection to the router to reconfig the
    SSID, Channel, and encryption keys. Reconfiguring can not be done with the
    WiFi connection.
  3. msridharan

    msridharan TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Hi Jobeard:

    Thanks for the post. I guess my message was really obscure.

    I have a wifi card that is to be inserted into the PCMCIA slot to connect to the internet. I also have a wireless router. How can I use the wifi card to create a home network? (Currently I remove the wifi card from the PCMCIA slot of the laptop and take it to the PCMCIA slot of the desktop to connect the desktop to the internet)

  4. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 11,177   +989

    I think we're on the same page (ie saying the same thing)

    To get both systems running, you need two PCMICA cards (one for each system)
    but the router needs to be configured -- UNLESS you're happy with the way it works now.

    Once both systems have Internet access when both are running, we can setup
    Print/File sharing if you need that.
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