Pcmcia network causes mini freezes

By PCAddict
Sep 3, 2006
  1. My first post, so hello to all.

    My Compaq Armada 7800 laptop started freezing for between 2 to 5 secs every 10 secs yesterday. I suspected automatic updates which were done during the day and since the system was long overdue for a format, did just that. Formatted and did a clean install of Win XP Pro SP 2. Downloaded drivers for pcmcia (Mecer FE1000) nic from driverguide and installed, but as soon as the cable is connected, the system does its mini freezes again. As soon as cable is unplugged the system runs fine.
    I checked on the task manager processes but cannot see what is hijacking the system.

    I am at a loss, does anyone have any advice for me ?


    Update :
    Finally tested pcmcia card on another laptop and it caused the same problem. Seems my pcmcia card is stuffed, I'll just have go looking for another one.

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