PCs won't boot!!

By arl_ln
Jun 3, 2007
  1. Hi guys

    I am new here and apologize if the question has been already asked (really tired after spending entire night fixing it up to actually search for my peculiar problem)..

    OK all I needed to do was to clean up case fans of my two PCs and possibly swap the fans as one made substantially loud noise compared to the other since I used the louder PC more often. One of the DVD/RW wasn't working so I took the IDE cables out and back in (I sort of played with the IDE cables with both PCs). All this was done with power cord pulled. So now a sad irony prevents both my PCs to boot. The lights on CPU turn on as normal and if I plug the CD/DVD ROM to the IDE cables, the also light up briefly.

    I worked on a carpet. Could static have damaged both my PCs? I am sure the IDE1 cable is plugged onto my hard disk and IDE2 to CD ROMs. Both PCs don't post, there is nothing on my monitor. Please help. I am sure the problem is unique because both are acting similarly.

    Many thanks in advance.
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    Have you tried disconnecting all drives & seeing if it POSTS then?

    Perhaps try removing any PCI cards as well.

    If that works, plug them back in 1 by 1 until you find the offender.

    Sometimes reseating the RAM can help - just pull it out and put it back in.

    Failing that, reset the BIOS (Generally there's a Jumper near the Battery), Move it across, hit the ON switch a couple of times and move it back - with the power disconnected of course!

    Good Luck
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