Phil Spencer says all next-gen Xbox exclusives will come to the Microsoft Store and Steam


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In brief: If you like to game on both a Windows PC and console, then choosing between the Xbox Series X (or S) and the PlayStation 5 should be a much easier choice for you now. Though we'd had an inkling of this previously, Xbox chief Phil Spencer today confirmed that every single "first-party" Xbox Series X/S game that releases will be coming to PC as well.

However, during an interview with Gamereactor, Spencer noted that there might be some differences regarding release timing. We assume PC versions of some next-gen Xbox games might launch a bit later than their console counterparts -- but that will be just about the only inconvenience we'll have to deal with.

Better yet, Spencer goes on to state that all first-party Xbox games will be coming to both Steam and the Microsoft Store. That's absolutely fantastic news for PC gamers, because, speaking from experience, the Microsoft Store is incredibly frustrating to work with.

The file system is heavily locked down, and finding something as simple as an .exe or configuration file can be a nuisance. Steam has its fair share of problems, but accessing your games' files is not one of them.

All in all, this is excellent news for consumers everywhere, no matter which side of the platform war you've taken. Fewer restrictions and more openness in the gaming sphere are always good for users, and we're glad to see the Xbox team adopting this strategy.

As we said before, this news should also make a PC gamer's choice between the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S a simpler one. Unless you absolutely must play every first-party Xbox exclusive on release day (or don't care about consoles, period), we can't think of any major reasons not to just snag a PS5. You'll be playing both console's exclusives that way, and with an Xbox Game Pass subscription, you won't even need to pay full price for all of them.

Still, the choice is ultimately yours, so if you have an opinion on this news, or if you've already decided what console you're going to buy (if any), let us know in the comments.

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From a pure gaming viewpoint, a PC + Switch is the best cost effective option.

MS is making the right moves here, not locking people in a single system is the way to go. These days with kids sitting at a desk to play a game is hard, much easier to keep them in the living room. I fell like last gen consoles did a pretty good job at keeping games looking good on the big screen.

I'm lucky enough to have been able to own every console every generation for the last couple decades. I honestly love the path MS is taking with the xbox. I'd prefer to buy a game once and be able to move between PC and Console and not have to buy the same game over. IMO I feel like this is the future of the xbox brand and I'm all for it. Now if I could get my steam collection on the TV easier. I've done the whole HTPC gaming rig, wasn't a fan.


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It's weird how Xbox does what seems to be the right thing and has no exclusives yet that's exactly the reason why it will get criticised. I would choose PS5 over Xbox anyway but this just cements the decision.


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No reason to get an Xbox then.

PC+PS5+Switch are the best combos. Get the best of both worlds. The prowess from the PC while enjoying the exclusive games from the consoles.
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All these people saying 'this just makes me not need to buy an XBOX' - don't forget MS's secret weapon, Game Pass Ultimate. This service allows you to play on both a PC and an XBOX from one sub - so you can have an XBOX in the lounge and a PC with the latest and greatest hardware in your study and play a large library of games on both under one subscription. This seems a great offering to me, especially when they add EA to it very shortly.

What they should now do is make XBOX games that are available on PC free through Game Pass if you own the XBOX version, but that would take a lot of sorting out with publishers I guess.


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Really funny - MS does the right thing with their exclusives, making them available outside their console and the reaction is „great, I‘ll get a Playstation 5 then“ (where exclusives are not available outside of the console).

Not saying that getting either console is not fine, but people‘s willingness to enthusiastically support those who limit choice explains a lot of what is going on.

Admittedly, both Windows and XBox are MS properties so either way you are on their platform, but you still have a choice.


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I think what a lot of people are missing is Microsoft doesn’t care about hardware sales.

They will subsidize their studios with sales on steam and then use game pass as a source of consistent profit.

From a business standpoint having a consistent subscription model is much less risky and more desirable then betting on each individual game and their sales.


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Great news! It also shows how there's so much more consolidation in the industry now. An Xbox is basically a mini PC, so there's not much difference in terms of programming and "porting" might very well be a thing of the past.


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So you really think the average family PC has the muscle to play major release games?
Here is a hint. They don't.

The average family pc can't run games at 1080p max settings.

A friend of mine ask if me if I think his loaner pc from work can play games. My reply, "Um, no. But you can try and let me know"


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The average family pc can't run games at 1080p max settings.
That's Microsoft's whole approach here - only have $250? Then get an Xbox Series S or Xbox One S. Only have $500? Then get an Xbox Series X. Have $1000 or more? Then get a gaming PC. And so on.

Families that already have a home PC, but know it's not great for gaming, may well baulk at spending $1000 replacing it or upgrading it, but $250 to 500 is more acceptable.

They make their money through game sales, and they want any new 'MS/Xbox' title to be available across as many platforms as possible, to cover as wide a user base as possible. Microsoft Store sales covers Windows 10 S owners, Steam then covers everyone else.


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It does seem as though MS is moving towards a unified platform between Windows and Xbox, I wouldn't be surprised if u will soon be allowed to install a version of Windows to an Xbox.