Physical iPhone 5 mockup built based on collective rumors

Shawn Knight

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German website has developed a full-scale physical mockup of what they believe the iPhone 5 will look like. The prototype was created based on CAD designs, hardware components, pre-release…

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Seriously, it's just a phone...

I love the iPhone, but the sheer, unnecessary attention this device is getting across the web these days is driving my nuts.


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seriously cant believe the effort some people will go to, if the minute differences in case design between each iphone keep you up at night, something is wrong.

Greg S

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Agreed. Yeah their really cool, but its not going to be anything that great when it comes out. People have really high expectations for this, but in reality its just the same phone, but with more ram, better processor, better camera, and a little bit bigger screen. I just don't get why its so hyped for this, but the droid bionic has no publicity at all, and has basically all the features the iphone 5 is supposed to have.


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"The end result is a very realistic device that is thinner than the iPhone 4 and features a tapered teardrop shape."

Taped teardrop? Isn't it a trapezoid?


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This is Apple we are talking about here people, allot of the things their fans do don't make sense, this hype and craziness is just part of the Apple product release process


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Amazing the hype around this device. I'm NOT exactly pro apple and I cannot wait to just finally see this thing. I think I might even buy it too! GG Apple marketing.


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lawfer said:
Seriously, it's just a phone...
No -- YOU -- DI-UNHT!!! NO YOU DI-UHNT!!!!

Oh now you done it. You just had to go and open up that particular can-o'-whoot-a$$. It is MORE than merely a phone, comrade!!! It is practically an INSTITUTION. It is right up there with the father, the son, and the holy see.

I'm just kidding. You're more than right. In my view, it's LESS than a phone. A phone, in my book, must have one of them thar curly-q cords that runs from the ol' transceiver down to the base. It also must be black, have a 12-button keypad, and a big, bright, red LED lamp to tell me when a call is coming in.

Get Smart or Batman. Your call. But until they can build iPhones into wrist-watches, they can't even get all **** Tracy. Yet.

If that happens though, I fear for the very existence of humanity.


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And SINCE WHEN does D i c k Tracy get censored...?! Sheesh... come on guys. Give it a rest, would ya?!

D i c k Tracy is a kid's comic book. And a PG-rated movie. Wow. Please -- oh, please...


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sammyjames said:
It is MORE than merely a phone, comrade!!! It is practically an INSTITUTION. It is right up there with the father, the son, and the holy see.
For some extreme apple fans this is actually true, well, their comments definitely insinuate it.


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Maybe if i made a iPhornografi site i could make good coin i can already picture it, 2 iPhones one cup!


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aj_the_kidd said:
For some extreme apple fans this is actually true, [religious zealotry combined with gear lust] well, their comments definitely insinuate it.
Sure. I remember the Mac Evangelist. He's probably still out there, although I haven't heard about him in years.

I used to prefer Macs too, until I grew a brain.


Hmm, I think I would like to count the days for an real iPhone 5 release, too many rumors about the iPhone 5 mockup, this one seems different from the one I saw in iFunia news blog, and there are more mockups, so just wait and see what the real iPhone 5 look like.


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What a waste of time and money! Can't believe they made their own mock physical iphone5. It's all about getting hits/exposure for their site/group.


im holding out for the iphone12 to be released next summer. I cant wait


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Boy.. is this level of consumerist obsession fresh or what! Makes me wish for nuclear winter just to see the snowflakes fall.


That website is Austrian, not German. .de is Germany, .at is Austria...


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WAY WAY WAY too much hype on this phone. Great, its got a bigger screen and a tear drop body like the ipod, WHO CARES ENOUGH TO MAKE A PHYSICAL MOCKUP? seriously. This is NOT landing on the moon to have an iphone (well if your talking about pricing, maybe) Just a couple days b4 the opening, im not buying it (sorry about the shouting)