Pinnacle Studio problems

By skotters
Sep 11, 2006
  1. Hi I have just hooked up a dazzle video capture device to my pc (which I've had for months now) and am having problems with the pinnacle software with it. When I install it, it asks to restart my computer. Afterwards, when I open it up, there are 3 different tabs to choose the task I wan't to do. Everytime I click the "capture" tab to get to the screen where I work with transferring my video, my computer restarts without a warning, without a blue screen, and goes black for a couple seconds then starting back up at the bios screen.

    I've tried reinstalling the software but I get the same problem at the same point everytime. I don't see why it would be the power supply considering its only when I click that one tab. Any help would be great.

    If it helps any heres what I have:
    64bit 3200
    radeon x850 agp
    gigabyte k8triton mobo
    western digital 74gig raptor
    duro 400watt(5-6 years old?)
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