Pixy is the first drone from social media turned camera company Snap

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What just happened? Snap isn't done making quirky electronics. On Thursday, the self-professed camera company announced Pixy, a pocket-sized drone with an integrated camera. The craft features four translucent orange fans for lift and maneuverability mounted to a bright yellow chassis.

The centrally-mounted control dial lets you choose between four preconfigured flight modes: hover, reveal, follow and orbit. There's also a favorite mode where you can tweak something from another mode.

Pixy ships with a 12MP camera and 16GB of internal storage that can save up to 100 videos or around 1,000 photos. Video quality tops out at 2.7k @ up to 30 frames per second. It also has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, as well as a removable 860mAh battery that's good for anywhere from five to eight flights using default flight modes.

At just 101 grams with the battery pack installed, it's very light – perhaps even too light in certain situations like a windy day. The camera is mounted directly to the frame of the drone, so there's no gimbal to help with stabilization.

Pixy is available in the US and France for $229.99. Additional battery packs retail for $19.99, and there is also a dual battery charger for $49.99. When purchased as a bundle, you can get the drone, two batteries and the charger for $249.99.

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Your average selfie fan will have no idea how to pilot a drone. these things will be a flop the minute it came out.