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Plantronics Mic/Headset Issues

By Shaft2101
Jul 20, 2006
  1. Evening lads,

    I've recently purchased a 'Plantronics Skype-ready Audio 45 USB Stereo PC Headset' - http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B0002ZDS4S/202-1788481-0147842?v=glance&n=560798

    The headphones work when plugged into the headphone socket on the back of my tower, or when plugged into the headphone socket in my Creative volume control (which comes with some of their more recent audio systems), though the headset came bundled with a USB device which you can plug both headset and mic into, though when I do this sound continues playing on my speakers as opposed to the headphones, despite the fact that I've enabled my computer to automatically detect headphones and switch to them as an audio output. Might this just be down to a dodgy USB socket or device? There was no bundled software with the headset so I imagine that it's not to do with drivers etc.

    However, I can cope with this - as I said all I have to do is plug it into the volume control, so no problem (though it would be nice to know why it's not working around the back with the USB if anyone has any clues).

    The mic, however, works neither when attached to the USB device, nor when plugged in to the volume control. It does work when plugged in to the microphone socket in the back of the tower, so it's not a problem with the mic per se. I've fiddled around changing various input options, none of which allow it to work with anything except the rear socket. It's also not an issue of it being muted or on too low a volume.

    So - any ideas? :-D

    I'd greatly appreciate any help you guys can give me - as it stands I can get it all working by unplugging the speaker system and plugging both things in the back, though obviously this requires lots of faffing around and seems unecessary bearing in mind I have two pieces of equipment which are supposed to side-step this sort of added hassle.


  2. Mo Dubs

    Mo Dubs TS Rookie

    hmmm well i would return that one for logitech one. or unplug speakers. or go to Sounds and Audio Devices go to audio and voice and set it to headset Or go to web site and getdowload for device.
  3. Shaft2101

    Shaft2101 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Tbh I don't think it needs replacing per se - it's capable of working, it just needs to be connected in a slightly inconvenient fashion. Though maybe there might be compatibility issues with the Creative volume controller which Logitech wouldn't suffer from ... perhaps I'll nick a pair off a friend and try those as well.

    At the moment I am unplugging speakers and just plugging both in to the back.

    Already fiddled around with sound/audio device options etc to no avail :(

    Not sure they have a website, but I'll have another check ;)

  4. N3051M

    N3051M TS Evangelist Posts: 2,115

    If you wish to use that USB connector, then it requires its own USB drivers, and windows will recognise it as a seperate/different sound card. And hence why you would need to change it in control panel>Sounds and Audio Devices then quit and restart the application you are trying to use with it, since when the application is first launched, it will use whatever sound card was selected at that moment, in your case probably the Creative.

    Try setting it to the headset's audio drivers and then using windows Volume control to tweak around with for the headset through the usb, not with the creative control panel

    if the microphone is your consern that is not working, then plug it into another device that has an input and try with that, or alternativly with another mic on your pc etc.
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