PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds passes 5 million sales in just 4 months


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There have been few games in the history of the PC that can boast such a meteoric rise as PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. The multiplayer title has only been available for around four months, but it’s already sold a massive 5 million units – all while in Early Access.

The latest Steam Statistics show the number of PUBG owners jumping from 4.25 million on July 3 to almost 5.3 million yesterday. PlayerUnknown and developer Bluehole announced that the game had surpassed the 4 million player mark and hit $100 million in revenue last month, so expect another official statement celebrating the new milestone to arrive soon.

Not only is PUBG selling around 1 million units a month, it recently surpassed the ever-popular GTA 5’s peak concurrent player record of 360,761. Brendan ‘Playerunknown’ Greene announced the news on Twitter.

With SteamSpy recording a peak of 442,287 concurrent PUBG players on Sunday, it seems the game is on track to beat Fallout 4’s record of 471,955. Right now, only Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2 stand above Bethesda's title on Steam’s Peak Player Count list.

Back in April, Greene said that his game would exit Early Access within six to seven months, which would put the launch sometime around October. But he later admitted that restricting the release window to a specific month could hinder development or lead to disappointment if the deadline isn’t met. As such, the launch date was pushed back, but he still expects the final version to arrive before the end of Q4 2017 (December 31).

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Uncle Al

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What a shame there is no single player mode with missions ..... I'm just not going to play with the spoiled kiddies .... LOL
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Is this game actually any good? All the videos I see online have some sort of glitch happening that just causes everyone to laugh hysterically way too loudly. Makes me think it's selling because of those videos and people wanting to jump on the YouTube sensation bandwagon, I also suspect that once the bugs are removed from the game the popularity will drop drastically. Watch highlight reel for the last 4 months since release and every one features numerous videos of random **** happening in this game.


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Cant they take all that money and actually make a AAA game like this one?
this one might be good but its still meh is many areas

Brock Kane

I've been playing this game now for about 3 weeks. I have over 50 hours into it. I'm over 50 years old and I am addicted to this game! It may not be for everybody, but if you like shooters, this game is a must!

The game was meant to be a multiplayer game. Once you play it you'll see why there is no single player campaign.

You can get into a game that lasts 1 minute or 30 minutes, that's up to you. You can land (from your parachute) away from other players to plan a strategy, for a longer game. Or jump into a short lived battle where everyone else lands. Believe me it will be a short game. But, if you're killed right away. No worries, they have multiple servers always ready to start another game immediately. So no waiting to start another game.

This game can be frustrating or rewarding, but it's always fun and always different.

There's very little lag, so it really doesn't affect game play.

Believe me it's worth the $30.

I usually do not support "Early Access" games, but I'm glad I did this one!