PlayStation 3 hacking lawsuit delayed already

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Jan 17, 2011
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  1. "The Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) created a powerful supercomputer out of Sony PS3s by connecting 1,760 Sony PS3s together, which include 168 separate graphical processing units and 84 coordinating servers in an parallel array capable of performing 500 trillion floating-point operations per second (500 TFLOPS).[291]"

    You guys remember this, right? The giant supercomputer, made up of PS3s?
    With what Sony is saying, why aren't they going after the Air Force for this? They are obviously breaking the ToS. Does this mean...they are breaking the law?
  2. Sony are after nothing more than your hard earned cash. This hack brings back some of the original functionality we all paid for but then Sony stole back from us. Its like we all purchased a new car and then the manufacturer removed the engine during a service snd they sued the mecanic who gave you instructions on where to find and howto fit a new one
  3. "The Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) created a powerful supercomputer out of Sony PS3s by connecting 1,760 Sony PS3s together, which include 168 separate graphical processing units and 84 coordinating servers in an parallel array capable of performing 500 trillion floating-point operations per second (500 TFLOPS).[291]"

    Considering Sony loses 100$ on every PS3 sold (hoping to make it up in games sales), the military added 176,000$ to Sony's debt. Ouch.
  4. matrix86

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    I don't understand why people are getting so upset over this guy:
    1. He clearly stated this wasn't for piracy
    2. Even if it was, how exactly does this affect your life?
    3. How exactly is this hack going to affect your life? Just don't download it.
  5. ramonsterns

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    Actually, it seems that it has allowed people to hack online in several games. The problem here is that this was the only measure they had for deterring cheaters and now that the cat is out of the bag, they can't do anything about it.
  6. mccartercar

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    Sony are caught with their pants down as once the front door was kicked in on the ps3 security there were only poodles for guard dogs, catatonic vegetables for security guards, and a whoopee cushion attached to a horn for an alarm. You know...Sony was betting it all on that big front door. Now they are scrambling to deal with problems the xbox360 and pc have been dealing with for years. Cheaters.

    Aside from these types of fart knockers ruining people's experience, things are rocketing skyward. As keys have been attained we can now come and go as we please, signing any package we want to run on the ps3 on ofw with psn.
    Thanks for the awesome, now open, piece of hardware Sony. Same goes for the Psp.
  7. I agree if it's his fault that online gaming has gone shitty than Sony should win. However even if it isn't his fault he deserves to be penalized in some way for doing this.
  8. Sounds like the guy's ego has him bite off more than you can chew. Even people who don't play computer games are hearing about the lawsuit.
  9. Darth Shiv

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    I think what is criminal is having pathetic security that compromises the user base? Would you go to a bank that had non-existent security if the protection was "it's illegal to bypass our security"? If yes, then I might just have a great idea for a new bank :)
  10. Sarcasm

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    I will answer #3 for the millions of legitimate PS3 owners.

    The hack allows almost anything to be done on the PS3. That means cheating with trophies, hacking in online games (which appears to already be rampant with Modern Warfare 2), and potentially hack peoples PSN accounts for information. Who knows how far it can go, that's how open this hack is.

    So yes it affects anyone who owns a PS3 and the increase threat in security just makes it that much easier for criminals to get away with it.
  11. Jurassic4096

    Jurassic4096 Banned Posts: 155

  12. Richy2k9

    Richy2k9 TS Enthusiast Posts: 515

    hello ...

    i see a lot of good & bad analogies, examples & arguments both sides, i agree partly with both, yet i also admit being a total 'anti-piracy fanboy' so will always be biased when commenting on such articles, but those who know me, may remember the few words i used to add to my 'essay-type' posts ... well it's not yet at it, but it has begun:

    check techspot's week-end tech reading about what the Japanese did here (weekend-tech-reading-internet-2010)

    now to respond to the article & your comments:

    - 1st SONY is like a wounded animal trying to defend itself & may not use the proper way ...

    - GeoHot is & remains a 'stupid intelligent' guy to the eyes of a lot, he shouldn't have released the key if he wanted SONY to bring back a feature he is responsible for removal in the 1st place & the slim was never sold/advertised with otherOS feature way before anyone heard about GeoHot & yet the sales was high, so anyone buying a slim knew that there we no PS2 BC & Linux, now if you want it back or at least state so, you are being hypocrite!

    - Air-force isn't wrongly using the PS3 for : SONY never forced anyone using the console without the need for PSN to update, so the 2K PS3 sold to them can & will remain Linux compatible for not used for gaming & using Linux without trying to hack the console is allowed on the PS3, contrary to what GeoHot did!

    - stethoscope is a really good example of a good thing corrupted by evil mind of man, so yes there will always be thieves & cops to arrest them & honest people being victim to such in a way & have their lives saved on the other, we are just human & some are really rotten like all fruits in this wonderful garden, but it doesn't make it acceptable, i'm sure you don't want people to use the stethoscope to check out your safe but your heart's condition, well maybe you would need someone to check your heart's condition after someone checked your safe :p

    - it's not something we can say there's a PRO & CON side, to everything about abusing / corrupting, it only benefits those who are behind the bad deeds & anyone going that road must accept the consequences ...

    I'm wondering if someone found a way to hack steam & allow illegal games / cheats on it or steal your accounts, it makes me shiver for i have so many games i love on it, i also have so many games & love the PSN service, just look what's good for you & everyone then say that GeoHot is right, then wait for your turn to be a victim, for you may deserve it....

  13. Thank you hackers for braking the PS3 so that 1% of owners can get the useless linux and the rest 99% get a broken online play. Thanks alot. You all deserve to go behind bars.
  14. Burty117

    Burty117 TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 3,147   +915

    haha! I like alot of the hate posts above about siding with Sony. The fact that the PC and Xbox have rarely any cheaters what so ever (I've play almost 1000 hours on TF2 on PC and a good 400 hours on Halo Reach) and after playing all that time on both platforms guess how many cheaters i've come accross? None.

    Not to mention all of the other games i've played loads on, L4D2, WoW, UT3, UT2004, Halo 2, GoW2 Rainbow Six vegas and CoD:MW, yet i'm still yet to come accross these so called "cheaters"??

    Now excuse me if I'm in the wrong here, but if Sony really was betting on a single Key to stop all hacking on there console they really are stupid, the fact that the Xbox and PC in my experience have had no cheating on what so ever I think Sony needs to wake up, create a software update that installs an entirely new dashboard that works similarly to the Xbox when it comes to game piracy (or maybe steams anti-cheat similar system?). Sony need get off there High Horse sueing people for at the end of the day, someone who has actually done us a favor in exploiting how bad the security on the Playstation really is.
  15. Because Airforce isn't going to cost them billions. Corporations exists to make money, even when you think they are being charitable. The longer they delay this the less of an impact this patch will do (suposedly). It is not personal. It's all about how much money the stand to loose or prevent from loosing. Sony can go bankrupt for all I care...another corporation will stand up and take it's place.
  16. You can agree or disagree I really don't care. My problem is i purchased it. I spent the $450 on the console. I own it, I don't rent it. After spending that much money I dare them to come just take it from me, or tell me how to use it.. If i brick it.. I should pay for it, it was my choice and sometimes I have to pay for those choices with the products I own. I'll gladly dish out $150 or the price of a new one if I break it.

    Companies are getting away with alot of stuff that would not fly back in the day. If my car has a known issue with the seatbelt where hundreds or thousands of people are experiencing it, the company will do a recall and will fix my car for free. Now lets look at Sony and Microsoft. I have purchased both consoles. Both consoles have gotten the ylod and the rrod. Both are know issues from the manufacturer. Shouldn't is be recalled at their expense ? I think so.. it was bad design, so my options are either purchase a new one for 300-500 or get it repaired for 100-150. That is Bs, why aren't you people going after Sony and Microsoft for this, trying to make them own up to their responsibilites and fix the console for free?

    As far as this bringing cheating to online.. come on guys.. you honestly believe this brings the cheating... My daughter plays COD (she is bad azz (don't remember which one)) our consoles were not "Hacked" she was showing me how to slide through doors, some jump glitch which if you did it just right it would hide the player... all this insane stuff right out of the box, no hacker needed. Now lets get to the game I play Madden.. omg.... are you serious? How bout the "skate juke" as I remeber it as.. I know a guy who worked for Sony as a gamer.. I swear when this "cheat" was in the game he could run back all kickoffs.. this guy rushed for over 1000 yards a game maybe passing once, or how bout the Nano's, 2010 version and even now.. you can do certain blitzes (no cheat needed) that the men come straight through the line, clearly a cheat.. again straight out of the box, or when you are beating someone and they disconnect and you get the loss.. all was done w/o hacker intervention. And all the retail game cheats.. hacker had nothing to do with that.. so pick a different battle cuz that one you won't win with me.

    What about the software laws of being able to have a "working backup of my games"? I got a lot of neices and nephews.. they love coming to my house cuz I got all the games.. yes we own 3 xbox's, 2 ps3's 1 WI. Kids are taking game in and out of cases. I find them on the floor with Koolaid, Soda, Juice or food what ever was in their hand at the time (no my kids know better). I say to myself.. self.. it would be nice to copy the disk or have it on the Harddisk of the machine, for the kids to use, they are kids.. they don't mean to break it.. it isn't intentional.. but it happens. And if the game disk is ruined you have to buy another one.. so instead of spending $65 on a game In now have spent $130.

    I've done it with my movies.. I own over 1500 moves.. all purchased by me... and converted on my media machine, no longer do childrens hands touch my valuable DVD's or Blue-Rays.

    I also wanted to note.. when I purchased my 120gb slim I didn't know i no longer had Linux as an option to me.. now not that I use or need it.. but when I got my Backwards compatable PS3 it was cool that if I wanted to I could. I paid for those features. Which now brings me to another point.. now the PS3 arent backward compatable, or have linux or any other OS as an option. and I'm still paying the $440 range.. (so yes correction I now have 3 PS3, one which I have to send back to sony to get ylod fixed) So now I wonder where the value of my system has gone, HD are way cheaper then they have ever been.. so what gives ?

  17. To all the *****s claiming the jailbreak is causing the influx of MW2 hackers: You are all *****s, these hacks have been around for months now, my brother plays MW2 constantly and he was encountering these hacks weeks before the jailbreak was released. If you look on youtube it even shows how you do it, and even if it did the 3.60 fw update is coming soon so it wouldn't be a problem for much longer.
  18. Go geohotz man why you hate why pay for a consel if you cant use it why buy a game then it brakes so buy it again all software scams you but jailbreak fights back you can back up your games what you bought not piracy just saving money i aint backed up any games but still he is right to do what he wants with his consel i admit going online against hackers is annoying but he didnt make jailbreak for that

    if you cant beat them

    join them
  19. Seems like the pro-Hotz group live in a make believe world and the anti-Hotz group is too serious about life. We could use more opinion from people somewhere in between.
  20. Burty117

    Burty117 TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 3,147   +915

    Maybe you should read my post :p
  21. we should be able to do what we want with anything we buy cause its our money and what we do with it is because of us. but stealing games is not cool you should pay for the games you play i can understanding downloading some game to try it while off line and seeing how it goes but downloading it then plaing it online and earning the same credits that somone who payed for the game and getting the same bonuses everyone else is getting.
    I think homebrew is cool and i love revisiting my past with emulators and being able to play my ps2 titles on my ps3 that wasn't made for backwards compatablity. I feel like if you like a game you should buy it.
    but when it comes to the device that plays the games or the games we buy themselves we should be able to do whatever we want with them. as long as it isn't helping other people steal and get all the perks without paying the price.
    the only thing that would make me pirate games and that has in the past is price.
    when you sell a game for 60 bux a pop and then sell an update or downloadable pack for an extra 10 bux and then little expantions for like 4.99 and **** like that just to get the full experience of the game that **** pisses me off and i think you should rethink your marketing arrangement. but when games become investments not just entertianment thats a problem. theres good and bad on both sides and no man can say who will emerge victorious.
  22. I'll just go back to playing MW1. Finally I can use the G36 again!!!
    Thanks GeoHot!
  23. PC nerd

    PC nerd TS Booster Posts: 317   +41

    Absolute **** head. He's ruined MW2.
  24. No, you can't do whatever you want with items that you own.

    If you own a firearm, you can't give it to someone on the street.

    If you own medical marijuana, you can't give it to someone.

    If you own a house, you can't build additions to it without approval by the town.

    You can't burn a cross in your yard, even if it is your cross and your yard.

    You own your body don't you but you can't walk around town naked and you can't harm yourself.

    Free speech has its limits. Whether people use the hack for good or for some otheri llegal activity such as piracy, it doesn't matter. You aren't absolved of guilt (if the court does find for Sony in this case). Otherwise you could justify seling illegal firearms without using the processes codified by law such as background checks, permits, etc.
  25. Richy2k9

    Richy2k9 TS Enthusiast Posts: 515

    hello ...
    thank you! ... you somewhat succeeded in a few words summed it up, where i failed with essay :p
    i think people are too selfish or short-minded to see the truth, they see what they true to them.
    whatever you do, you are free, but your freedom stop right where someone's else freedom starts & that makes abusing system flaws, stealing, killing, hiding important facts, distributing security keys, re-publishing a book not written by you as illegal as immoral.
    some would say a copy of a thing doesn't remove the original content from the author, this would be immature statement or deny of guilt for an artist ownership is about the work, whether it is in form of a media that can be mass produced or a sculpture, you just can't take it ,, so i'll always condemn piracy.
    hacking isn't piracy but leads to it & only hypocrites sees the contrary.
    what, you want such features ,,, ok me too i would like to protect my hard-earned money by protecting the original disks i paid, i would love to have a faster system & mostly can do whatever i want with my purchase, the physical material belongs to you, not the concept / design & the intended use! hacking my ps3 removes the real reason why i want to play with it, why would i do so to then say i play with it ...

    anyway i just hope you all find what you are looking for but keep in mind that to whatever you do there will always be a consequence, good or bad, just face it with pride or humility but don't account others for your failures or lack of good sense... to this


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