Please advise on choosing the right graphics card

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Apr 13, 2006
  1. Dear all,

    I am planning to buy a graphics card for my computer. here is its specification:

    P4 3ghz /2mb / 800FSB
    ASRock 775Pro 880
    1Gb DDR400

    I usually use my pc for playing games and for developping computer applications. Which graphics card would you suggest for a budget of 80 - 100 pounds ???

    I am just not sure if i should buy an ATI Radeon or NVidia graphics card !!! No need to mention that i would like to buy an PCI express card :bounce:

  2. bushwhacker

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  3. Greenmachine

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    I do not know what kind of availability or pricing is over in U.K. but here goes..
    Okay for Nvidia Cards in your budget I recommend:
    1) XFX 6800XT: 256MB GDDR3, 256-bit, 8 pixel pipelines
    2) eVGA 7600GT: 256MB GDDR3, 128-bit, 12 pixel pipelines
    Gigabyte 6800GS: 256MB GDDR3, 256-bit, 12 pixel pipelines
    For ATI cards:
    1) X800GTO: 256MB GDDR3, 256-bit, 12 pixel pipelines---something like this
    2) X850XT: 256MB GDDR3, 256-bit, 16 pipelines---something like this
  4. llp00na

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    thanx guys,

    which brand would you recommend, ATI Radeon or NVidia ???
  5. sjps220

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    You'll get all kinds of different opinions on ATI or Nvidia. I tend to buy Nvidia, but I have no logical justification for that. It's just what I've happened to do. I like their -600 line, because well frankly, I'm cheap! I just bought a 7600gt and I am very impressed with it. I think it fits your price range too, so check it out! Greenmachine mentioned it in his post.
  6. Shizat

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    I just upgraded from an ATI 9550 to an XFX 6800 XT and really wasn't too impressed with the change... Yes it was some, but not what I thought it would be. Yes the fact that I am still on AGP poses a good point... but it still doesn't change the fact that this card really isn't worth the hassle...

    Personally I am an Nvidia fan over ATI all the way but am quite dissapointed...
    Now my next PC build I am sure will cheer me up, but that wont be for a little while $$$ :(
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  8. wolfram

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  9. phoenix700

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    graphics card

    I need friend needs a new graphics card....her info for her computer is:

    Gateway M320
    Intel (R) Celeron M
    processor 1.30GHz
    1.29 Ghz, 480 MB RAM

    The current graphics card is:

    Intel (R) 82852/82855 GM/GME Graphics controller

    Please help thank you
  10. riekmaharg2

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    What price range are you looking for?
  11. phoenix700

    phoenix700 TS Rookie

    ummm $0-99
  12. Rage_3K_Moiz

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    You can't upgrade the graphics card in that laptop. It's just not possible. Sorry. :(
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