Please help Geforce4(3.3v)-4xAGP(1.5v)?

By ruphor
May 26, 2003
  1. I bought an Asus v8440 Deluxe Ti videocard and an Asus A7N8X motherboard but I have a lot of trouble with them.
    (Amd XP 2600+, 400 MHz DDR Ram) .In the midst of games the system often starts again and I have to exchange mouse for a new one bi-weekly.
    Morover the RAM went wrong too. In addition if I try to copy data from an other winchester it fails sometimes. Is it possible that the motherboard VDDQ voltage (1.5 V) and the videocard voltage-need(3.3 V) are different.?
    It’s said that 1 / 2* AGP-3.3V ; 4* AGP-1.5V ; 8* AGP-0.8V. If it’s right how come that the Geforce4 Ti needs 3.3V.?
  2. Tarkus

    Tarkus TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 621

    No the GF4 is fine in that MB. GF4 is AGP4X. Winchester? Haven't heard that term since the 12" platter 20 MB winchester drives with the "Nevada board" days. You mean HDs?

    If you're running them off the SATA controller then you need to update your BIS to 1004 for Rev 1.X boards and 1005 Beta for the rev 2.0 boards.

    If you're running your drives off the standard IDE cables then you probably have ram problems and need to DL and run Memtest86.

    Dunno what to say about the mouse. USB or PS2 mouse? I'm running the Intellimouse Explorer with no problems. Got a multimeter? check your voltages too.
  3. ruphor

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    Thank your help, I've given up taking back the mobo to the retail dealer. The Memtest86 is a fairly neat program ,I was able to find the RAM -fault with it. As a matter of fact I hardly understand you mentioned in connection with hard-drive. As for mouse I have PS2 one. I had taken out the whole power unit after I was unable to switch the PC out (ATX) So I'm fed up with the whole PC.
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