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Jul 10, 2005
  1. I'm a newbie here, so your patience (and HELP) is appreciated.

    I've been running XP Home for about 2 years. I've installed (and removed) SP2. Recently, I bought a software application that recommends XP or 2000 PRO.

    I received XP Pro when I started my Masters work (from school), but had so many problems I aborted, did a clean install of my Home Ed. and went on from there.

    Where I'm at now
    With the new software set to arrive soon, I took out the XP PRO disk and started again, getting updated files as requested. I did try to install as an upgrade, but it hung up in the middle, then, when I tried to complete the installation, I got the infamous "blue screen". :hotouch:

    Try a clean install with the XP PRO CD from before - I have a Mirra personal server, so my files would be safe, but my first experience has me skepical :suspiciou
    buy a full new version of XP PRO - which brings me to my question.
    Does anyone know what the deal is with these sights like ?

    I can't find any information. This site did let me look to see if the software I want (besides the OS) is available for download, but they have NO other information available prior to signing up (and providing a payment)

  2. vegasgmc

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    Boot the coputer from the XP Pro cd and do a full format of the XP partition and then install the OS.
  3. RealBlackStuff

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    RR 1 Box 1705
    Kunkletown, Pennsylvania 18058
    United States

    Registered through: (
    Created on: 12-Oct-03
    Expires on: 12-Oct-05
    Last Updated on: 11-Mar-05

    Administrative Contact:
    Drury, Brandon
    Sample Drury Services
    100 Jefferson Ave
    Scott City, Missouri 63780
    United States
    800-322-7823 Fax -- 800-322-7823
    Technical Contact:
    Drury, Brandon
    Sample Drury Services
    100 Jefferson Ave
    Scott City, Missouri 63780
    United States

    Not sure if that is service or his real name.

    The XP-upgrade CD can be used for a full install from scratch, like vegasgmc said.
    But at some stage you will be asked for legitimate proof of a previous Windows version. You then stick in a W98/ME/W2K/NT CD, XP checks, if OK remove it and put the XP-disk back in. That is all.
  4. Tech-itis

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    Good Advice! Thanks...

    Thanks so much... My guess is that I didn't have my personal server when I got the CD, and I couldn't afford to loose (or take the time to copy) all of my school files.

    I am up and running in Windows XP Pro!![/B]

    This is a great site! I'll be back! :grinthumb
  5. Tech-itis

    Tech-itis TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Of course, I will need to work with the formatting stuff...
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