Please help me decide?

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I can get either one of these comps for about the same price. I use my computer for all around use like watching tv,games,pictures and music.
Emachines t6522 or Gateway 832gm


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Those are the links so people can see the specs of the machines you are looking at.

How much is your budget? Did you ever think of building your own computer? You could probably make a MUCH more reliable computer than an emachine or gateway by building one yourself. Neither of those companies have a very good reputation....

If you MUST choose between those two.....

Both have integrated graphics which will not be good enough for gaming. As that is one of your stated goals, you'll want to be sure the one you get has an expansion slot for your graphics. This gives you the option of upgrading your graphics card in the future once you get sick of integrated graphics (and you will if you are a gamer).

The emachines doesn't state whether or not it has a PCIex16 slot, but according to this link ( a community of owners of that particular emachine) it does have a PCIex16 slot.

With that said, if I HAD to choose between those two computers, I wouldn't. Just kidding.... mostly.

I'd go for the (this is so hard to say.....) emachine.

[DonNagual kills himself]
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