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By mozEXE
Apr 5, 2007
  1. Okay, I had a virus not long ago and some of the System 32 files were deleted. I decided to reformat my laptop yesterday, and after some complication I finally sorted it...or so i thought.
    Today I had found that my Disk drive had been split into 2... C (the original one with the backup folders..under the name of my previous user name) and now E ( which I had given a new user name)...which is totally unnecesary as it is only 3 Gigs.
    Now, it seems everything that goes into program files or onto my desktop is going straight into the E drive, and as i said it's 3 gigs and is completely useless..I'm going crazy with it cause I just don't know what to do..

    I either want to sort it out so I have just my original C drive again; so everything on my desktop ect will go onto that drive..
    I want to wipe everything off my laptop and reinstall Windows XP, i mean everything, no back up files...
    If anybody can help me either way I'll be grateful

    Please help somebody...
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