Please help trying to completely remove virus

By jstnwalt
Aug 2, 2010
  1. Okay so for the past couple day's now I have been spending hours trying to clean my computer from a vicious virus. It had been blocking me from everything, from my internet, from virus scanners, from anything that would help remove the virus or do anything of value against it. Well with windows defender I was able to click scan and remove faster then it was closing the windows and was able to quarentine it until I restarted my computer and it was back all over again, bugging me with some fake antispyware. I believe one of the virus's was called fakespyro. I was able to locate one of the notepad files and delete all the contents and save it empty, and then the fake spyware went away. and I was able to get control of everything but internet, then I downloaded spybot, and Superantispyware, from my usb, and I got control of the internet again. Then spybot located a virus called Banker, and it wouldn't let me delete because it said I was not the administrator even though I am. But with a lot of rescanning and more scanning and restarting a number of times i was able to get rid of it. Well, during this whole time I've been downloading new spyware from filehippo to help find different virus's or adware on my computer, but no luck, until I downloaded Hijack This, and it said that it's file was corrupted from something and it told me to go to a certain file and empty it and save it as 'hosts', so I tried to do what it said but it's saying I am not the admin, which I again I am. So I uninstalled and reinstalled and the message It gave me before was there the second time. Now I have a log from the hijackthis but i don't know if it is corrupted. Also I tried to get to my hotmail from IE so that I could be able to post on but it was telling me that I cannot have hotmail open in more then one spot at a time and to refresh, well I refreshed, but same thing happened over again. Then I went onto firefox and was able to get access with no problem. Then I did a yahoo toolbar antispy search and it told me I have Trojan.win32.startpage.fw and I try to delete/quarintine it but no luck, it say's i dont have admin right's which i can't figure out how to get for the yahoo antispy search.
    and that bring's us to here. I hope all of this will help you help me find out and destroy this thing.

    and i've attached the hijackthis file

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    I just did another anti-spy search from yahoo and the trojan.windows32. virus thing wasn't there anymore, is it possible for virus's or spyware to just leave on it's own? or did it just become more tricky and or move itself to another place on my computer?
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