Please help with Nero 8

By lalee_kat
Jun 29, 2008
  1. hello i need help very bad.....i have just installed nero 8 on my pc.i had nero 6 befor. i use it most for making dvd's with videos i have downloaded for youtube.on nero 6 i had no problems doing this.i would go to make a dvd and then add them each one at a time or problem doing the same thing on nero 8 but and i mean the big problem is....when i go to play the dvd after each video it goes back to the menu! it wont play all of them one after another.i cant get it and am going totally mad!!!! on nero 6 i never had this problem,on the start menu i would press play and away it would go playing all titles without stopping.just wont do it on nero 8.just back to menu after playing one video.anyone that can help me i would be so sure its just something simple but i cant find it.i am on windows vista on a laptop.befor i was on windows xp on a desktop.have nero 8 on both now and its the same thing on the two of them.please help!!!!! thank you
  2. Tmagic650

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    Nero 8 has all sorts of problems in Vista. Vista has it's own movie maker. Play with it a little and see if it will work for you. Delete Nero 8 and revert back to Nero 6 if you can. Make sure you copy of Vista is updated to SP1
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