please help with SP2

By toliveorletdie
Mar 19, 2006
  1. I tried installing Service Pack 2 recently and my computer froze about 3/4 the way. Initially it was just the program, but then it made my computer freeze. So I restarted my computer and it tells me I must uninstall it because it is in an unstable state. So i do so, but afterwards, some of my programs weren't working right, and I had to reisntall some things. I've tried multiple times reinstalling SP2 in combinations of one after the other, or fdisking the hard drive and reinstalling the OS, then hotfixes, then SP2. None of which have worked giving the same freezing outcome. It makes me wonder why I can't install it right. Although i've heard from some that SP2 just doesnt work with all computers which I find a little strange.
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