Please help with wiring HDD and CDROM to mobo

By leadpill
Sep 26, 2008
  1. So I started building my pc not too long ago, and I was having some trouble with connecting the wires. I am following a guide, a video guide and a written guide, and neither of them really say anything. So I installed the CD ROM and the HDD, and plugged in the power thing (directly from psu, it was keyed to fit and connected the CD ROM and HDD from the same wire, multiple connector things). I also plugged in the "SATA Signal Cable" into the HDD, and into the motherboard so now they are linked. There is still an 8 pin thing that I don't know what the hell to do with, which is on the HDD. Also, for the CD ROM, there is nothing connecting to it, only the power cable. What am I supposed to connect to this so that it will work? I have another "SATA Signal Cable", but I don't know if that would be able to work and link the HDD and the CD ROM together (they are supposed to be linked, right?). If you know anything about this please help, because I apparently don't have any other wires to link anything. Thanks.
  2. CCT

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    Are you following your motherboard manual?
  3. nickc

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    actually no not if either is SATA at least if the hard drive is ATA then u can make them worked linked but is better if not. if the hard drive is SATA then the hard drive will have to be on its own cable, and the power plug for a SATA looks nothing like the plug for the ata device.
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