Plextor 716A drive

By dowesner
Mar 7, 2005
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    A week ago I bought this new Plextor drive and downloaded the latest firmware to make sure I had the latest combination. Installation went OK, but the drive was as good as dead. It would not read any disk. Tech support responded right away and asked for the pattern of flashing lights emitted by its diagnostic system. I sent back an e-mail, stating that it would not eject, and the pattern was a series of three amber lights, about 1/2 sec. apart. Three days later they responded and said they would give me an RMA number. However, I lost patience and returned the drive to Best Buy for full refund. I bought a Sony DRU720A; installation went smoothly, it read a few disks well (but I haven't tried much with it) and I am hoping for the best. After reading many, many reviews, I have concluded that there is a gamble in buying any of these advanced products. Let's face it: we are all the Guinea pigs of these huge companies, which are usually too eager to rush products to market. First of all, the drive may or may not work out of the box. Second, if it is not dead, will it do all it's supposed to do? Caveat empor!
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