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Oct 25, 2006
  1. I've got a computer that continually reboots during the start up process. Booting into safe mode and using msconfig I've been able to isolate it to the Plug and Play Service. So my question is, what now? How do I repair this service?

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    Try using system restore, and restore the PC to a previous day when it worked correctly.

    Regards :wave:
  3. nwyllie

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    Thanks wolfram but due to doing the security procedure recommended here as the first attempt to fix the problem system restore was turned off.

    Now worries, though. I decided this particular computer was not worth the aggrivation (the MB/BIOS is quite old). I've given up on the repair attempt and thrown out the MB (as well as the two others like it after trying their BIOS's). Geeze, I guess the wife is going to get a new computer after all. :haha: Well, I'll get a good nights sleep after dealing with this thing for a week.

    But thanks for the suggestion.
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    This may be an issue with your BIOS, if you you're using an older computer. Try updating it. You can also try disabling ACPI and/or "PnP aware OS" if these options are available in your BIOS.

    If that doesn't work, to repair possible Windows system corruption....

    You can use the System File Checker ( Start > Run > cmd.exe > sfc /? )
    More details here:

    You can reinstall SP2.
    More details here:

    Or you can perform a system repair (not restore...) using the XP install CD.
    More details:
  5. Try replacing services.exe:

    Boot to the recover console and log in, then:

    cd %systemroot%\ServicePackFiles\i386
    copy services.exe %systemroot%\system32

    Or if for some reason that location doesn't exist and if you have a Windows XP SP2 CDROM (either slipstreamed or an M$ release).

    expand services.ex_ %systemroot%\system32
    attrib services.exe -r
    rename services.ex_ services.exe


    If that fails, then the plug and play service is unlikely to be the problem, but more likely your hardware configuration.
  6. nwyllie

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    Thanks guys, I appreciate the advice and I'll try to remember it for the future but I'ver pretty much disassembled everything. I'd forgotten the sfc utility.

    I had other issues I didn't report because I originally thought I had the answer (and may have just given up to soon, but fighting problems on two computers for over a week has taken it's toll and to be honest the one I trashed was probably not worth saving.) SOme of the orther issues were BIOS checksum errors (more than one BIOS and a fresh battery and they still persisted). I had 3 MB's of the same make and the original I finally decided two of the slots on the board were bad. I replaced that board and began with the checksum errors. I put up with that until I identified the PnP Service as the problem and then replace the BIOS with that from one of the other boards (breaking a pin off the first BIOS in the process). The second BIOS began again with the rebooting on startup. I put the 3rd and final BIOS in (one that did have an upgrade which I got my money back on because it would not support a floppy drive) and the reboots continued. At this point I decided it just wasn't worth the aggrivation. I wanted my evenings back!

    Hopefully you suggestions will be benifitial to someone else who might have similar issues and discovers this thread on a search.

    I'm amazed and impressed by the amount of knowledge on this site and the willingness of everyone to help! :) :grinthumb :wave: :giddy:
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