Pmnlk.dll can't delete.

By juggodish
Jan 5, 2009
  1. okay so I need someone to help me with this problem. First off, I dont know much about protecting a computer from viruses, malware, adware or any of the like. I simply use whatever virus protection comes with the computer when I bought it.

    Ok, so that said, I have been using my PC for the past 3 years or so with no problems that I noticed. Today I was checking my email and all of a sudden I started to get pop-up ads. I haven't had this happen to this computer before. I ran a scan with McAfee OAS and it detected 36 items that it deleted. However, it said that it could not delete pmnlkij.dll and wvUkJbBs.dll. I tried to manually delete them but it said access was denied and make sure they are not in use before deleting.

    can anyone walk me through this step by step so I don't totally mess up my computer.

    the help is much appreciated.
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