Pny Sucks!

By D@nny
Apr 10, 2006
  1. Im dead serious. After getting their 6800 GS card and running it on bf2 I was getting framerates there were like 10-12 fps. It was horrible! Game was so choppy and my ping was low. I run oblivion on almost everything high up their except anti liasing which i might turn on. I get fps in outdoors like 19-27. Man I go to nvidias support site did you know their faqs and knowledge and request assitance options under support lead you to the same exact forums where the topics are made only by nvidia. I couldn't find any phone numbers for support at all. I go to partners and find PNY veritgo or w/e their support number. I call them their open it says in the manual 9:00 am through 8:00 pm on the phone it says 9-7:30 eastern time. Either way im good its only 5:30. Each time its take me to a voice automated guy that answers your questions in the most simple manner. There is no customer repersentive to talk to you no waiting time it just says our phone support is between 9-7:30 where you WILL BE GREETED with a voice automated something something. I tried calling twice maybe missing the one where it says to talk to a live representive but it never gives you the option. Then I try to register my product for warranty the sticker is on my card which is in my case. BTW the sticker was on the bottom. Luckily thats how the card fits where the fan is on the top but facing the bottom. I made another post about this. I finally check over to make sure i copied the right serial number and it still says its invalid. I cannot find any technical support at all. No phone services from niether of them atleast ati had service on the phone :dead: :dead: :dead: I dunno whats causing it but the problem was my fps is super low the game is real choppy and my settings were adjusted automatically by the game. It put like it all on medium except lightning is high. I move the 800x600 60 hz to the 70hz maybe that will solve it and i think i got the same exact framerates i dunno. I went on 10 servers the past 3 days with a good low ping my internet is cable and same choppy gameplay. Im not bottlenecking the card that much i have one gig ram and 2.8 intel HT processor. AGP everything. I dunno what to do how to fix this problem or how to contact any technical support besides forum boards.... This really is the ****tiest customer support i'v ever seen but mainly on pny since nvidia is a huge broad manufacturer and pny just makes their brandname products and is just a small branch.

    Anyone wanna take a guess on why my bf2 framerates, a game thats like 3 years old, ran better when i had my old 9250 agp 8x card with 512 ram at somepoint (later on I upgraded to one gig ) then it does with one of the latest models of nvidias cards! And it runs oblivion real good which is brand new and the most power hungry game out on the market right now but it can't seem to handle bf2. I havn't tried putting my settings to low but im not going down that low. If i wanted to do that i'd go back to my old card. The card that was said the 9250 isn't really meant for games like bf2. And how sticks a serial number sticker on the backside of a graphics card anyway. Like in the center 2. Isnt that harmful to the circutry lol. Anyway please if you've made it to this point . so far thanks and im looking for some answers.

    Edit: I just ran F.E.A.R the pny cards arn't that bad I guess but its just the technical support thats the problem. I ran F.E.A.R with many things on high and some stuff I left on medium just because the fps tests take a while. Anyway after testing with getting 61-62 percent fps above 40 (shadows etc everything mainly except the verticial lighting or something like that) I went and turned antilaising from off to 4x which is max and it was at like a t 59 percent and that was great going from 0 AA to 4X and only losing 2 percent in frames above 40. It was called So my graphics card doesn't need to be returned but I think its a router problem. F.E.A.R online hasn't worked for months it would always say error. Now its waiting on finding the servers for ever because my router is blocking the connection back from find servers. So its probaly my internet that is screweing with my fps online in bf2 because it sure is decent in oblivion and great in F.E.A.R . Ill try playing multi for both without a router and i'll tell if that fixed the problemo.
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    fear worked better without using my router i got the server packets send back to me so i could play :grinthumb but I just went to try it out i didn't have to time to check the fps online i then went and checked for bf2. My fps was like 15 or 16fps at the majority of the game times. It's horrible and i don't kno what can be causing it. I did uninstall all the ati drivers with the thing they had to remove them completly. and its' not my card overheating because it doesn't overheat on other games. I'll try taking lightining to medium maybe that will be a fix :haha: PNY says if were calling during their open business time we will be xfered to a live automated voice mall . Lol that sucks I want to speak to a real person besides it doesnt even give you the option to leave a message. Do you guys kno what can be causing this low framerate in bf2. And why do i keep hearing this wierd small cricket noise when moving a scroll bar on a page up and down or horizontal it makes the noise also when using the arrow keys. And its also during oblivion at the menu screen. I can't seem to figure out what part of the computer its coming from but since its new it might be the new video card :eek:
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