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Jul 17, 2004
  1. So I installed Google Toolbar and for the longest time it blocked every unwanted pop-up. But lately pop-ups have been getting by it, and most are from Adznoodle or whatever. I have run spybot and other seach programs and there's no spyware on my comp. Are these new, sophisticated pop-ups? They seem to be ones that target specific site, like when I go to Delta.com Hotwire ads pop up. Any ideas?
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    I've noticed that there are some popups, here and there, that make it by Google's popup blocker. They're usually launched by a javascript in a funky manner.

    A google for Adznoodle brought up nothing- can you check the source on that?

    When you run your spyware programs, have you updated the definitions for them? I just went to delta, got no popups after 5 minutes, google didn't block them either- that makes me think spyware/BHO adware/etc.

    I recommend Spybot S&D 1.3, and Adaware. Note that S&D appears to not be updating 1.2 anymore- so you may wish to upgrade S&D if you haven't. Other spyware programs I approach with caution- I've seen several recently that are spyware/adware detectors, save detecting themselves and THEY'RE the spyware/adware. And sometimes not detecting "marketing partners". Grrr.

    When you go to Delta.com, try this: Click where it says #### blocked, and it'll say "popups enabled." Then click it to blocking again. This might help some. you can also go into the google toolbar properties and disable/re-enable the google popup blocker.

    Hope this helps some, let us know about the spyware definition updates, what programs you're using, what the ad sources are, and any particular offending websites.
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  4. Goalie

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    What version of spybot S&D do you have? As I said, 1.2 appears to not be updating anymore...

    I just went to cheaptickets, no popups for me, toolbar didn't get it.

    Look for BHO Demon- it helps check out your browser helpers.

    Also.. have you tried Hijack This!?
  5. EKUcolonel

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  6. RealBlackStuff

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    Another way to stop these pesks, is to add their URL to the file "hosts" in:

    The file is probably read-only and/or hidden. Change the attributes if necessary and add a line in the following format: www.peskybummers.com
  7. Goalie

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    You also have to enable lookup in the lmhosts file.

    It's really not worth that, and better to fix the right way

    Hijack This skips stuff in autofix- however if you run it and paste the run log here, THAT's the good stuff... It's thorough on the startup details, and between the TS members we'll find the offending items and help you weed them out. Go google for a hijack this log, you'll see what I mean, it produces a LOT of info.
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