Pop-ups...I hate them...

By Dr Rosenrosen
Sep 30, 2004
  1. Ok, I know this is going to be an easy one for most, but I swear, I canNOT find this spy/ad ware that is on my PC. I've done a regedit for "Gator" and nothing. Most of the ads that pop up, when I right click & get properties are GIF's, and have "optimizer" or "ads" in the address. I've tried doing a regedit to find either of these terms and nothing. Also, I have Search & Destroy on my PC. Often times I run Task Manager to see if I can pick the app out of the list, but no luck. Anybody have ANY suggestions?! These are killing me!
  2. young&wild

    young&wild TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 993

    Try running Spybot and ad aware one after another. Remember to get the latest definition files before scanning. That way each program will catch whats was left out by one another.

    Assuming you're using IE as your default browser, get the FREE version of Google Toolbar. It's a handy program that is capable of blocking pesky ads.
  3. acidosmosis

    acidosmosis TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,350

    Ever since I install XP SP2 I have not seen a single popup anywhere. When I was using the Google Toolbar, tried Firefox, Opera, etc., there were still those times where certain popups would get through. I uninstalled the Google Toolbar. I like the SP2 feature a lot better.

    If you have XP then I would recommend installing SP2 (if you can). Won't get rid of the problems you have, but it will help in the future :).
  4. Dr Rosenrosen

    Dr Rosenrosen TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 37

    Thanks for the tip! Turns out they were cookies causing pop-ups. So I accepted 1st party cookies, but blocked 3rd party...works like a charm...

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