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Jan 15, 2006
  1. I am looking for a popup blocker to work with firefox 1.5 - the Yahoo toolbar used to work but I see it is only compatible with 1.0 & 1.+ (whatever 1+ is).
    I see that there is a download for popup killer 1.51 from DigiByte Studio & might try this freeware .
    I am a little concerned about the ease of uninstallation. An article in a Which? suggested that it might be worth investing in a dedicated uninstaller program "such as Norton's Clean Sweep" for people who download a lot of freeware & shareware. Is this really a good idea? I run XP, have CCleaner & Erunt.
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    Firefox has a good popup blocker of it`s own.Make sure it`s enabled.
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    Hope I can help you a bit... Don't worry, you don't need to spend any money..

    Like Peddant said you can enable the Fx 1.5 popup blocker, to do this click on Tools>Options>Content, then make sure "Block Popup Windows" is checked.

    That alone is not enough, now there are ways around the popup blocker, and many people are experiencing popups even with the built in popup blocker. The best way to get around this is to first download the extension Adblock Plus and open it with Fx to install it. You can get the latest version of Adblock Plus from here:

    Then get the Adblock Updater, the latest version can be found here:
    (Adblock Updater is also a Fx extension, so you will need to open it with Fx in order to install it.)

    After the extensions are installed, close Fx and then open Fx. The extensions will now be installed. If the Adblock list isn't updated automatically, goto Tools>Adblock Plus>Filterset.G Updater>Settings and click the button force update now.

    Also like kodrutz said, get NoScript, it is a very good extension that will block anyother security issues in Fx. Oh, and don't forget to download the latest version of Fx ( RC1), I always stay with the most current version, but you may wish to stick with 1.5 which is probably the most stable build.
    Fx RC1 can be found here:

    Further adblocking and popup blocking shouldn't be needed...

    Norton's Clean Sweep is a good program, but try looking for freeware before you spend any money. Here is a list of downloads including Freeware and Shareware:

    You can actually do all the cleaning that Norton's Clean Sweep does by yourself without a program, but it is a lot more work, so I suggest finding yourself a good freeware program to do it for you. If you need help with anything, just ask. Good luck.
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    Pop-up free --Yipee !

    Thanks to all of you. It is always encouraging to find people who give advice & help so generously - & so quickly !
    I am investigating "Trash it V1." from Optimus software - have downloaded it on my Win 98 PC. am looking at TotalUninstall from ww.martau.com found via freeware-guide.com/dir/util/unints.html but was a bit put off when I looked at the forum & found what I suppose to be a joke - that the site had been hacked by someone or other - I must get a better sense of fun, I suppose, a new funny-bone perhaps.
    More seriously I guess that before I try getting clever (ha,ha, as if ...) & doing advanced stuff I should invest in a proper back-up system. I know it can be done with CDs but maybe I should invest the cash I have saved following techspotters advice on an external hard drive or some USB flash memory thingy ... sorry its late.
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