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Possible Mobo and cpu problem

By Gourry25 · 7 replies
Jan 26, 2008
  1. Well on December 9th i ordered and got these two items suggested by members of techspot:




    Well since i installed it my computer has been randomly freezing and i mean randomly. sometimes i can go a week or two with no freezing other times a day. But i noticed that when it freezes most of the tie in the earphones i use there is a high pitched noise. other times no noise. My dad thinks i should return both for replacement, but of course the cpu is a 30 day limit unlike the mobo which is a 1 year limit.

    Now with how random it happens i don't know myself if it is the mobo or processor. now could it be a cable is not plugged in properly or something else?

    Any info would help.
  2. kimsland

    kimsland Ex-TechSpotter Posts: 14,524

    Does event log show anything (Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Event Viewer)

    Yes I would confirm all cables are connected properly internelly (even reseat them)
    The CPU, I take it, was fitted correctly with a very thin layer of heatsink, and all plastic packaging removed ?
    The heatsink, is mounted securely and centralized over the CPU ?

    If so

    Then you could run Memtest (the not changed part) and confirm all is ok there.
  3. Gourry25

    Gourry25 Topic Starter

    Well the CPU is properly places and with a thin layer, my brother pit it in for me and he is much better at it than me, i have mem test but not sure how to find out what you mean since i have to run two of them at once using 747 mb as the number(2 gigs of ram). AS for the event viewer what would i be looking for? I mean when it freezes no mouse, or keyboard control works i have to reboot and it never has asked me to come up in safe mode.

    BTW my brother read my post and i told him what was going on and he said I should look for a windows Xp Home patch for my dual core Mobo. Think there is anything out there?
  4. kimsland

    kimsland Ex-TechSpotter Posts: 14,524

    Memtest: You could take one out and test one at a time

    Event Viewer: At the time of crash, was anything loading

    Home Patch all updates HERE
    The new BIOS (further down page) has come out after December 9th

    My recommendation: update bios

    Download New bios update (DOS): HERE

    Download New bios update (Windows) HERE
    Update BIOS under Windows® Vista™
    Step1: Please right click AFUWIN.exe
    Step2: Click "Run as administrator".

    Info on updating bios:
  5. Gourry25

    Gourry25 Topic Starter

    about updating bios, since i use Windows XP home and do not have a floppy drive how would i do it? unless the mobo's manufacturer gas it. i've never updated bios and some tell me its tough to do. so any help on that would be great.

    As for memtest do i just let it continue cycling? I had to download it and it will keep testing forever unless i stop it or i guess an error, but if my pc freezes how will i know it lol?

    finally if my Pc should freeze, should i check the time it froze and then look at the event viewer to find it and if i do what next?
  6. porsche911r

    porsche911r TS Rookie Posts: 37

    my guess would be that it cud be a psu issue alot of these freezes u get could be jsut a lack of power to the cpu also what gpu do u have. Have u tried a full bios update and got the latest drivers for the cpu?
  7. xxxxxxxx

    xxxxxxxx TS Rookie

    Did you reformat the drive and reinstall windows after the build?

    I also like to perform a low level format to the drive when swapping mainboards.

    As has been stated, this could be a memory issue....since all ram is not created equal, if you merely swapped the ram from one mobo to the next, compatibily/stability problems can arise....it's best to stick with verified ram from vendors found on the QVL list.
  8. kimsland

    kimsland Ex-TechSpotter Posts: 14,524

    How to use Memtest
    For a thorough test, you should allow it to run for 7 times

    Yes check Event viewer (upon restart for the last action before freeze up)

    Bios (without floppy) firstly refer to the info above.
    Updating a bios can be critical, the link above for windows can be used in Windows Xp as well. (I thought you had Vista)

    Reading all the steps to do this is critical:
    For any damages caused by improper operation of downloading or updating BIOS, ASRock® assumes no responsibility. Nor do TechSpot !

    Download the BIOS package (WinZip format with .zip file extension). And close all programs.
    Unzip and save all files to the same directory of any storage location accessible by the host system. And you should see AFUWIN.EXE, UCORESYS.SYS, UCOREVXD and UCOREW64.SYS.
    Click AFUwin.exe.
    It shows a dialog icon to remind you to close other programs. Click "OK".
    After finishing upgrading the BIOS, it shows a dialog icon to remind you to restart the system. Click "Yes".
    After system restart, press <F2> to enter the BIOS setup utility during boot up. In Exit menu, please select "Load Default Settings" and press <Enter> to continue.
    Select "Exit Saving Changes" and press <Enter> to exit the BIOS setup utility.
    Now, system is booting up with new BIOS.

    Please reply back once done.
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