Possible Mobo and/or HDD and/or Software issues

By wakwak1214
Feb 21, 2016
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  1. Specs
    Desktop - Runs Win 7 64bit; 3 x HDD supposedly - 640gb, 500gb, and a 80gb... Only the 500gb one is used and runs Windows, the other ones are unused and empty (inherited system from a relative... supposedly the others were used for data backup purposes but have no operation system installed). I have only replaced a fan in the past 5-6 years I've had this desktop.
    Motherboard - ASUS
    Power supply (including wattage) OCZ500SXS 500W
    CPU (processor) - Intel Core 2 Duo E6550 @2.33mhz
    RAM - 4gb
    Graphics card - GeForce 9800GT
    Sound card (if any) -I should? not sure

    1. Early January: Windows logo did not appear at start up, just the usual "American Megatrends" intro screen followed by blackscreen. Restarted system and loaded normally. Thought it was a cmos battery, so I replaced it.. things were fine for a while.
    2. Mid-January.. Started noticing more often that my system wouldn't load as before, American Megatrends screen but no windows logo. But I now noticed the white blinking underscore with the black screen. I restarted and it told me there was a CMOS Checksum Bad...so I F1/ BIOS, saw that BIOS only recognized the 640 drive (unused) in the SATA slot #2. Curiously, I click into SATA slot #1 and it suddenly tells me that a new device (my usually 500gb) has been found and I needed to restart. Restart and all is good supposedly. I have backed up all my data on an external drive just in case.
    3. Throughout January and early Feb...similar issues...but it'll fix it would load eventually. Until last Monday, when I was swapping a USB mouse out for another. Then BSOD, ASPI.sys error. I restarted and things were fine again.
    4. Last Friday - I left my computer on over dinner. BSOD happened again with the same ASPI.sys error. I restart, gets past American Megatrend screen, but then just the white blinking underscore with black screen. Reset..enter BIOS and it does the same thing...newly recognized device...I restart but nothing boots now. .. just permanent white blinking underscore.

    Ideas anyone? Thanks in advance
  2. Cycloid Torus

    Cycloid Torus Stone age computing. Posts: 2,816   +545

    Likely it is HDD - dying the slow death.

    I would put system on one of the other disks, set the dying one as drive E and then run manufacturer's diagnostic on E

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