Possible Overheating or Monitor Crapness - Unsure, Please Help!

By Strifeknows
Aug 6, 2006
  1. Hi thier

    I think its more my monitor"crashing", as odd as that sounds.

    Whats happening is ill have 15 - 20 minutes of stable gameplay, and then, out of the blue, in ANY situation in the game, bam, screens gone jet black and in blue the words "INVALID SYNC" appear. I havea small flashing green light on my monitor which is usually either always ON when the moniters on of OFF when the monitors off, but in this case, it flashes, if i pres the button Nothing happens it continues flashing, but makes the turning off sound, and if i press it again, the turning on sound.

    I thought it might be my moniter beign unable to handle the refresh rate or overheating system, I just checked and my Graphics card (which is AGP and uses a Second plug thing ((sorry)) for its stupid high power intake) and it was rediculously hot.

    But the thing is, I dont have problems playing BF2, Guild Wars, Half Life 2, Css etc.

    This only happens when I play Guild Wars: Factions and Halo

    Does it need new drivers, if so, How? Where?

    Thanks for reading, here are some simple specs of my system:

    Im using a 6800GT,
    1024 mb ddr 333 pc 2700 RAM
    Pentium 4 2.53 ghz
    Intergrated SIS graphics chip :S

    my Moniter: Hitachi CM753

    PS: I can run BF2 non stop for as long as I like, So i thought this might ween out possible RAM issues

    atm I have one of the big cooling fans sat next to my computer :/

    If you ask for power wattage or anything.... Please can you Tell me how I can tell you? Im a touch slow when it comes to PCs
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