Potentially Copyright Infringing Software being Recommended?

By B00kWyrm
Sep 24, 2009
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  1. I have seen a couple of posts recently recommending a certain "H++++'s Boot CD".

    Is this considered acceptable?

    I have not researched the utilities in depth, but what I have seen so far indicates that some utilities being distributed are not properly licensed for that purpose.


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    Here is one example ... https://www.techspot.com/vb/topic134878.html
  2. Ididmyc600

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    according to wikipedia

    "While this collection of tools can be very useful, potential users should note that many of the tools are commercial applications that have not been legally licensed for redistribution, and so download/use/sharing of Hiren's BootCD may be illegal (depending on your legal jurisdiction)."

    from this you can draw your own conclusions.

    as they have their own website from which people can download it, it seems strange that if and should any of the software owners have issues with them then the site would have been shut down a long time ago.

    As with any software from sites that allow you to have full unpaid for versions the onus falls on the "downloader "so to speak, for instance its not illegal (in some countries) to run a torrent site after all your not actually hosting other peoples copyrighted material ( ie the piratebay) your merely supplying the link to it, the same with Hiren, they have a disk that contains copyrighted material but they arent selling it and making money out of it they are merely saying to people "the disk is here should you want it".

    In a sense its wrong, but as nothing is being done about it then obviously the people who should have concerns dont..i happen to know that a lot of the programs are freeware programs, a small percentage are full version programs that would cost money.

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