Power by-passing switch k8mc51g mobo clears BIOS

By don hill
Jan 5, 2011
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  1. as soon as i put power to the power supply the computer starts without any connections to the front pannel switch and resets the bios as if i pulled the cmos battery out, mobo FIC, k8mc51g 754 socket with an a-power 680 watt power supply not what the board used from the factory im sure,im wondering if the factory power supply had wires and connector to the board like a system fan or somthing to keep the main 20 pin connector from starting the flow of power through the boaed
  2. don hill

    don hill TS Rookie Topic Starter

    a dead cmos battery seems to be the problem ,charged up the old one and now works fine
  3. tehMarkerer

    tehMarkerer TS Rookie

    Good to hear something like that :)

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