Power Failer

By Katarn23
Jul 5, 2005
  1. Back in November I built my first PC,(I didn't wear static free gloves but built it in a pretty static free room.. was that a mistake?)
    Motherboard: ASROCK P4VT8+
    Processor: 2.8ghz P4
    Hard Drive: 160gig Western Digital
    Memory: 512mb DDRAM
    Video: 64mb Geforce
    Power: 480 watt Demon Power Supply, ATX Case with 3 fans and it seems to run fine havent had any problems {Until} I think anyway i installed my 128mb ATI All-In-Wonder Pro Card It may have done it before i installed it i can't remember. Then my PC would every now and then Flicker Offand On, i didnt think anything of it until it began to do it constantly! to the point where i couldn't use it, So i bought a 600watt Power supply stuck it in and it seem once again great(other than the loud noise) until a couple days ago when it flickered off and wouldn't turn back on. Whats your opinion? Should i try yet another power supply? or is there something wrong with the motherboard? If someone could lend a hand i'd really appriciate it, Thanks!.

  2. JimShady23

    JimShady23 TS Maniac Posts: 373

    Re-seat the graphics card

    so your problem started when you installed all in wonder ? My first guess is that the card is not seated properly or is bad or going bad. Take the card out and reseat it. Firmly press the card in the agp slot untill the retaining tab on the back of the slot snaps in and locks the card into place.
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