Power Saving mode problem

By Pazuzu
Feb 5, 2006
  1. Over the past two days I have had a problem starting up my PC. WhenI switch on the power the PC has gone ino power saving mode - nothing on the monitor other than an orange light on the power button, nothing showing on the keyboard or mouse - just a green light on the Logitech webcam, which usually just comes on briefly during power up, other than when in use. Pressing the + button on the Dell E173 FP monitor brings up a message on screen " in power saving mode. Move mouse or hit any key on keyboard" - doing this brings no response. Eventually I tried holding in the CD eject button while simultaneously switching on mains supply - ( a friend sugggested this ) - and a normal power up followed. I have done a virus scan which showed a clean result. This problem has occured since I loaded a free route planner from a DVD which came with the March "Computer Shopper" magazine - but I dont know if this has anything to do with the problem.
    Has anyone experienced this irritating problem? I tried many times to re boot - I am not sure the CD eject button routine works every time- I tried today after an overnight break & it did the trick.
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    power saving problem - resolved for now

    The problem seems to have stopped for now - I removed all the connectors from the PC poweredon & off before re-connecting. So far it has not recurred. I still suspect something on the DVD started the malfunction - but I am not keen to try it again. I know these "freebies" come with all sorts of disclaimers , but it seems that we should be able to run them without running the risk of messing up the system. I only bought the magazine for the route planner & the review of sat. nav systems - seems to have been a waste of £4.99 !!!
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