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Oct 11, 2006
  1. Hi all, im haven a problem with my power supply in this dell intel pentium 4 i have. I originaly had 250w of power, i then upgraded to 500. I hooked everything up correctly, plugged the power in and on the front of the comp where the power light is, it started blinking orange. I had no clue why it was doing this, so i contiuned to turn it on, but nothing happend. I then took it down to best buy, he looked at it, said everything was connected properly and could only say it must be a Power supply problem. I then bought a Ultra V Series 400w power supply. I hooked it up, put in power, and same damn thing happend, it was blinking orange in the front.

    I really have no idea why, or what is causen this, and its really stressen me out. If any one could possibly help me, id be very very very greatful.

    On side note, the 2nd new power supply, the Ultra V, i plugged the power into comp then went to put in the soket and there was a spark, so im not sure if that could of fried the power supply, but i cant tell sense it didnt smell funny, and sense its acting like the 1st power supply i got, i didnt think that was what happend.
  2. Rage_3K_Moiz

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    Hmm, I think it's probably a current surge or something. I highly recommend not plugging the PC directly into a wall socket. It can seriously damage the PC if there's a surge. Use a surge protector instead. And yes, u might have fried ur new PSU.
  3. Nemesis XII

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    ok, i tried my new power supply in another computer and it worked!!....idk what the hell is going on. Why wont my original comp allow it.
  4. Rage_3K_Moiz

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    Whoops, looks like u fried ur mobo then, and possibly ur processor too.
  5. s3xynanigoat

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    I see this all the time and it is always the PSU and/or the motherboard. In this case I would say your mobo. I am 99% sure of it. The blinking orange light gives it away.
  6. Rik

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    Im pretty sure the dell psu is wired differently to standard ones, compare the 20 way plugs, if the colours are different then you have fried your pc!!!!!
  7. Shoupie080

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    I agree. I'm all in on that one!
  8. dmill89

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    Post the model # of your system so we can tell weather or not it is one of the ones with a propriatary PSU. Many older dells had a propriatary powersupply. the conector looks and connects tha same as an ATX PSU but the wires have different voltages which will fry the motherboard unless the PSU has protection circuicts to prevent the PC from starting if it is connected improperly, then It won't work but won't do any damage either.However thae fact the lights came on makes me believe that the new PSU you tried likely does not have these circuicts and you may have fried your motherboard.
    Heres's a link to a thread in Guides and Solved issues on this Problem.

    reconnect the original PSU and if the system works your system still works your motherboard is ok.
    If your motherboard is ok and you would like to upgrade use the approprite Dell compatible PC Power & Cooling powersupply from this list
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