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Jan 10, 2006
  1. well yesterday as i was playing bf2 i started to smell some thing that was burning and since my comp had some cooling problems in the past i went to turn off my comp when it restarted. so i turned off my comp and let it cool and i heard a popping sound so i looked and it was spraks coming from my power supply. so i unpluged the power and sat there wondering wat happened. well i tried to turn the comp on after like 1 hour and it didn't work. do you guys no y my power supply got destroyed is it because it over heated?
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    It either overheated or died of old age.Solution:hope mobo is ok,put in new,bigger PSU and extra fan.
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    i agree, it could have been a bad PSU (power supply unit) to begin with, if it is overheating pick up a couple like $8 fans depending on what kind of case you have i would suggest putting one on the very top of the case blowing air out of the case (might need to cut a hole in the case if you do this) and one on the side blowing outside air preferably right at the processor (may need to cut that too) or of course if you dont want to cut up your case, most cases have a spot in the back you can put a few fans in. and PRAY it didn't fry your motherboard
    good luck
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    Let me see if I am reading this correctly. You smelld something burning,Heard a popping sound, saw sparks coming from your Power supply, and an hour later you tried booting the computer with the same power supply?
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    Most modern mobo have circuit protection so most likely you are ok. I blew up a cheap 425W (no name brand) PSU playing HL2 a week after my new build. Replaced it with a OCZ 450W ModStream the next day and all was good.

    Go buy a descent PSU and don't be cheap. :)
  6. KingCody

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    lol :haha:

    also, if you knew that your computer was overheating? why did you not fix it? if you don't cook your CPU or MoBo, you will cook the new PSU too. heat is electronic's worst enemy (after water..lol)
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    well the reason why i tried it agina was just to make sure if it still worked. also it was a cheap brand because it came with my tower because i biult my comp. so it most likely was from over heating. and i have like 4 fans on my case already so im just gonna to install a good cooling system. it's really not that big of a loss if my mobo isn't fried cause the psu only cost me like $20 so yeah. im gonna look into buying the ocz psu. thanks to all that answered
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    You first. :)
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    IMO :suspiciou I don't think it was heat related, not as in "the whole case is overheating and his CPU is about to explode" (a little exaggeration for effect).
    It's just that that cheapo PSU couldn't take the current demand his new system was demanding from it. The PSU said fxxk it and blew a regulator or two or three or all of them. :haha:

    You'll love that OCZ unit she's actually even pretty to look at. I'm sick.
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